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Eloquence Organic Skincare

As part of my more environmentally conscious approach to life I have also been looking for  organic skincare products to add to my vegan beauty cabinet. I like to change up my skincare routine a few times a year anyway so when I was asked to review the natural skin care range by  Eloquence  back in February it couldn't have come at a better time. 
I hadn't heard of this luxury brand but having put the range through its paces over the last eight weeks I will definitely be adding them to my list of places to go when my skin needs a boost.

Eloquence Luxury Organic skincare

The science bit
The range contains Sachi Inchi Oil  which is a superfood from the forests of Peru. This exotic seed is an incredibly popular health food supplement and with its unique combination of Omega 3 which helps to restore the skins elasticity, Omega 6 helps to combat skin dehydration and Omega 9 helps against premature ageing by intensely nourishing and protecting the skin from environmental stress. Its perfect for skincare. All the ingredients are organic and cruelty free-disco!

I tried the four step system which comprises of a cleanser, firm and tone serum, moisturising eye gel and 24 hour repair cream and as I was sent full size products in each was able to really give them a good try.
When they arrived they were beautifully packaged and do very much live up to the luxury tag (my bathroom shelf looked very swanky) but do the creams and serums actually deliver? Here are my thoughts on each product.

Step 1-Purifying Cleanser Buy Here

The cleanser is very gentle, removing all my make up without leaving my face feeling too "squeaky" I used this morning and night with warm water and  a flannel and my skin has been pretty much blemish free.

Step 2- Firm and Tone Serum Buy here

This was definitely my favourite product from the range and one I could imagine repurchasing again and again. 

I used this serum under make up (almost like a primer) and my skin felt softer and slightly firmer especially after  a few weeks.

Step 3- Firming And Moisturising Eye Gel Buy Here
Step Three-Eye Gel

I seem to permanently look knackered so was very interested to use this as it claims to target dark circles and puffiness. I definitely saw a slight improvement in my dark circles and found it worked very well if I had a few late nights on the trot to stop me looking too haggard-bravo.

Step 4- 24 Hour Cream Buy Here

This cream offers a good old hit of hydration and left my skin so soft, especially when I used it at night. 

Step Four-Moisturize
As with all the other products it was lightly scented, smelling slightly of citrus and it really sank into my skin, so there was no greasy residue.

Nourishing Treatment Oil Buy Here

I'm not usually a fan of oils as my skin is on the slightly greasy side but I used this on my hair, nails and hands and it left them all super soft. Unlike other oils I have found it didn't sting even when I used it under my eyes and it had a light pleasant fragrance which didn't smell rancid or odd (yes I've had a few bad oil experiences)

Overall I thought this was a really lovely range, well priced, beautifully packaged and delivered great results.

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