Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tattooed Tea Party

I realise it can be quite tedious when bloggers apologise for a lack of output but as a former three blog posts a week writer I do feel I need to explain why I have been a bit quiet lately. 
Life has just been busy.I'm working as a feature writer for Romper, I'm slap bang in the middle of teaching some wonderful filming modules at a university and I've recently taken on a few more social media clients. All this on top of being a mama and running the Nicky Rockets brand has not left an awful lot of time for blogging.
Anyway I'm hoping to address this with today's post.At the weekend I attended the Tattooed Tea party in Manchester with the Nicky Rockets brand and had an absolute ball.

As it was a two day event we booked ourselves into a local hotel so we wouldn't be too tired and Nicky set up the stand on Friday night. The event as the name suggests is primarily a showcase for some absolutely amazing tattoo artists who travel from around the world to offer their ink skills and the queues for some of them had to be seen to be believed.
I've never been to a tattoo convention before and had no idea what the vibe would be towards us. We have only ever attended plus size events where the embrace is always very warm and positive so I was a little bit nervous that we wouldn't be cool enough for the tattoo crowd.

lets go on the Dodgems

I shouldn't have worried, from the moment we arrived we were treated wonderfully by everyone. It was such a fun, family orientated event. There was a free fair with waltzers and dodgems (which left Nicky feeling rather green but Baba was obsessed with) stalls selling everything from Dream catchers to herbal tea and all the time the low hum of artists creating art on peoples bodies-it was magic.

Roll up, roll up
the bikes and cars at the event were so cool

Magenta and green flames for Baba please

As well as tattoo artists and stalls there were also loads of vintage cars, camper van's and really cool bikes. We had such a ball posing by them and imagining we owned one. Babas choice was a Harley with pink flames down the side.

I preferred a chocolate brown VW van and Nicky fell in love with a red American truck.

I won't lie I would have loved to have taken this home with me
It was lovely to catch up with the guys who run Offend my eyes-they are so lovely and their stuff is just brilliant.

It was so exciting to introduce our designs to a new audience. 
Unsurprisingly our "Boobs and tattoos" design was a huge hit, followed closely by Curvy as hell. Probably one of the best bits for me was when a girl nearly cried when I told her we had every design  in a size 5XL-she told me she had never been to a tattoo or alternative event and been able to buy any merchandise. I forget just how special my brand is-taking it for granted that whether you are small, medium or plus size there will be something for you at the same price, same design. 

Its still blows our minds a little bit when people pass us by at events or gigs (and once in Tesco) wearing one of our designs and this weekend was no different. Seeing people rockin our tees makes me so happy. It's not an easy route running a small, ethical business but hearing how much people appreciate what we do makes it so worthwhile.

Yes this happened

We always makes sure that if we do events we enjoy them as a family and this one was no different. Sure we were there to sell tee-shirts and tell people about our brand but we still made time to watch the fire-eaters, go on the waltzers and probably the best thing-discovered a Ben and Jerry's ice cream vending machine at our hotel-life made!


Brand New Limited edition Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

We have a new tshirt available from the shop today "Rocket Rider" Our very first design on a baseball shirt - It's limited edition, so if you want one, hop on over to www.nickyrockets.com and get yourself one

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