Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pranamat Eco A Review

2016 is a year of change for me. Letting go of bad habits, pursuing new dreams and putting my mental and physical health at the top of my list of priorities (even when my busy life encourages me to sideline it)
I've already joined a chanting group and have been doing some yoga at home so when I was sent the Pranamat massage mat I was quite keen to try it out.

The Pranamat ECO works on the same principles of reflexology. Its effectively a ‘bed of nails’ which claims to activate all areas of the body and mind.
The unique lotus pattern is supposed to help activate the body into boosting its natural defences, metabolism, blood circulation and stimulates the lymph nodes. The end result according to the literature  is an enhanced resistance to inflammation and an increase in endorphins, which serve as your body’s most powerful natural painkillers.With regular use the makers claim the mat will help with sleep, well being and even improve your cellulite. Wow that's a lot of pressure to put on what is essentially a mat with spiky flowers on it.

The mat arrived in a really cute brown wooden box with a handle on it. There are a choice of colours and I chose the Lavender as it looked so pretty and also seemed quite restful.

The mat comes with a booklet with suggested poses and exercises so here I am in my yoga kit trying them out.

Position One-Lying on your back 
Now first off its worth noting that the spiked lotus flowers on the mat are really spiky-as in when you touch the mat it pricks you. I was surprised at how sharp they were and was a little unsure about trying it (especially as the booklet recommends lying on it with no top on-I didn't try this) so I was a cautious trying the first suggested pose-lying down with a cushion under your neck to give your back and shoulders a massage.

I was surprised at how relaxing lying in this position on the mat was. I always struggle with lying flat on the floor as have a lower back injury (result of my epidural when I had baba, long story) so kept my knees bent and really felt that the mat gave my back and shoulders a massage. It felt weird but good.The lotus flowers didn't hurt me but at the same time I could feel them.

Initially this felt odd but it did seem to massage my lower back and I did feel the benefit later
Position Two-Lying on your side

The next pose was my least favourite. Lying on my side seemed to really make the lotus flowers dig in-the instructions did say that this was perfectly normal and that with regular use you get used to this but I'm not sure I would do this position again as it was quite uncomfortable.

I think my face tells you everything you need to know about this position-it didn't work for me
Position Three-Feet lying flat

I hadn't expected much from using the mat this way but it turned out to be my favourite position. I am on my feet a lot, as a university lecturer, make up artist and of course head cook, bottle washer and dog walker so my trotters get quite sore. Placing them on the mat for just five minutes and rolling my heels and the balls of my feet made them feel amazing, I have started doing this every day when I sit down and the results have been brilliant. Rested, happy feet.

This is just bliss
Position Four Hands on mat

Yet again I hadn't expected much form using the mat this way but after a week of crazy deadlines where my fingers have been non stop tap, tapping on a laptop resting them on the lotus flowers and gently rolling them up and down really helped take out stiffness both on my finger joints and wrists.

Let your fingers so the walking

At £90 this is definitely an investment but if you suffer with aching joints, back pain or need help relaxing its very good indeed. The Pranamat website offers lots of ideas of how you can incorporate them into your daily life, including using it on your office chair, to lie on whilst reading even standing on it when you brush your teeth. 

Baba also loves this mat and uses it all the time (with my supervision) she finds it particularity nice after a long day at school sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs.

Disclaimer-I was gifted this items for review-the opinions stated are my own. My review is based on my own experience of using the product, I am not a doctor or health care practitioner. If you suffer health problems always speak to your doctor before using any new product. 

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