Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mothers Day Fashion With Yours Clothing

Celebrating Mothers Day with Baba is always very,very special to me. I of course love to also send my own mum gifts and cards (she is a total warrior inspiration queen) but getting to spend the whole day with my own daughter and being recognised as a mama always feel so amazing.

The road to motherhood wasn't especially easy for me. After many years of heartache and disappointments by thirty five I had all but accepted that I would never have my own child. I let go of hope and stopped imagining a future with a mini version of me and Nicky in it. 
Instead I began to plan a gorgeous life of sassy impractical cars, trips to India and lots of designer handbags. I realised I had to stop feeling incomplete and needed to concentrate on the very happy full life I already had. I had children in my life, a lovely nephew, my friends had children who I was God mother to and I had my cats who rocked my world.

With my greatest achievement-My beautiful daughter
As so often happens no sooner had I driven my brand new mini off the forecourt  and started contemplating my whole "Eat, Love, Pray" style Odyssey I started to feel a bit off colour. I was totally adrenalised and couldn't sleep but also felt ridiculously tired all through the day. 
I was pregnant of course and this time I carried to term. I had always dreamt of having a brown haired, brown eyed daughter so was quite prepared to have a blue eyed son (and would have been so grateful)  so imagine my delight when little baba arrived.

Twirling on the beach

Baba is ten in June. Yes my baby will be in double digits and I'm just as thankful and happy as the day we brought her home from hospital. Now of course she is a fashion obsessed, Zoella loving, Minecraft playing teen in waiting. 

How lovely is this outfit

The lovely team at Yours who has known Baba since she came along for a Mother/daughter photoshoot with the brand a few years ago offered to send us some outfits to wear and we had great fun picking things out.

Baba picked a pink swing prom dress with black lace overlay  black velvet Scarlett and Jo leggings and a very cool black Fedora and looked like such a cute mini fashionista.

I love everything about this outfit

I chose a beautiful black netted tulle skirt  with a short sleeve blouse with silver bead embellishments I love everything about this outfit and have worn it loads since it arrived. The skirt which is by Scarlett and Jo for Yours is really lovely. Structured and stiff, its very Carrie Bradshaw.

Thank you Yours for helping us celebrate in the week leading up to Mothers Day. We had such a lovely few hours on Hoylake beach taking this shots in-between playing with the dog.
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