Monday, 1 February 2016

Birthday Best-What I got for my birthday

I've recently had a birthday and received some fantastic gifts. I'm always compiling wishlists on here so thought it would be nice to share some of my lovely presents with you guys.I know lots of you share my taste and if you are as nosy as I am its always nice to see this kind of stuff.I feel I must add that this isn't a show off post, I know I am very blessed and take none of the lovely things in my life for granted, more of a happy share.

The White Pepper Moon Pink Clutch Bag Buy Here

I am so influenced by the moons cycle. I must be part werewolf as along with the animals I become incredibly skittish around a full moon.The recent Leo moon has played havoc with my moods.So I guess its fair to say I have more than a little interest in that milky white face in the sky.Anyone who knows me will also be aware of my penchant for pink glitter. All these facts collide like planets to make this pink glitter moon clutch the most perfect accessory for me ever.

On a wick and a prayer China garden Geranium patchouli candle Buy here
On a wick and a prayer
Geranium is my all time favourite smell and I also love patchouli despite its bad reputation as being something hippies and bikers use to cover up the smell of sweat.This beautiful candle created by Derbyshire based candle company "On a wick and a prayer" combines the two-total joy
Aroma Expert and  Perfumer Huib describes this candles scent as a  "perfume  built around a traditional tea rose accord, with a strong top note of geranium for freshness, a fruity rose note in its heart and sensual patchouli to give extra depth in the fond of the note" sounds good to me and it definitely smells amazing. With its sugar pink candle holder which features a Milton inspired blossom design it also looks so delicate and pretty and it has 40 hours burning time. I  have been burning this on my desk when I blog and its filled the whole room with the most gorgeous smell.

Pets Rock Gaga and Jacko mugs Buy here

Animals dressed up in outfits are maybe one of my favourite things. Mister Truffles is totally disinterested in any form of costume (I often wonder if he is really a pug) and the cats would rip my face off if I came at them with a bonnet. To this end my drag queen pet thirst has to be quenched in other ways and my sister Grainne has found just the thing. No your eyes do not deceive you this is Lady GaGa as a rabbit and Micheal Jackson as a dog. Its too awesome for words.

I wish I was a unicorn notebook Buy Here 

It seems both my sisters know me oh too well as my other sister Celeste brought me a unicorn pug notebook-my stationary obsession never wavers and my love of pugs will never die. Unicorn styling is just the icing on the birthday cake.Also how much like Mister Truffles does this unicorn wannabee look?

Ceramic Pug Vase Buy here

I first saw a vase like this at our day at the Pug Rescue garden party last year. I wanted it so badly but they aren't cheap and you know the life of a writer bum means funds arent always available so Nicky promised me he would get me one for my birthday. I had all but forgotten about it until I opened it but its as amazing as I remembered. Eventually I want to get a second one so I can have one either side of the fireplace like the old fashioned Staffordshire dog ornaments you used to see. How jaunty does this little fella look with daffodils coming out of his head. 

Max factor Colour Exilir Starwars lipstick Buy here

I had heard rumblings of Starwars themed make up in the lead up to the Starwars movie but it was while we were actually watching it at Christmas that I saw the advert for the Max factor range and think I may have squeaked a little bit. As with anything like this its all become quite expensive and hard to get hold of so I was chuffed to bits to get one of the droid lipsticks. Its a really wearable goldy brown colour and you know, it says Starwars on the tube. Job done. 

Avon Magic Effects nail varnish Buy Here

I first fell in love with this range when I tried their Lace effect polish after my mum gave it to me. It gave such a pretty effect and was so easy to use and I must have raved about it as along with lots of other amazing stuff the mothership also  brought me a set of three more polishes from this range and I couldn't be happier. The purple glitter one on my nails is the liquid sequin one which is such a great glitter polish. I'm often impressed by Avon. I think their bronzer is one of the best on the market and their nail polishes are always amazing.

Citrine Crystal Buy here

My favourite gift was unsurprisingly from Nicky. Its the most beautiful citrine crystal which he brought from a lovely etsy store run by a welsh witch. I seem to be getting on very well with citrine recently and this rather pagan looking crystal is hung at my window above my desk. Its supposed to help cast out my mild blues and give me a real zingy energy and it definitely radiates with some lovely energy.

So those are a few of the lovely items I received on my birthday, what a lucky old Capricorn goat I am. 

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