Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bargain Basement Chanel And Glittery Brogues

Hi Everyone, sorry its been so long since my last post. Life has been so busy over the last week that I've not had a moment to spare. 
So whats been occurring? Well the Nicky Rockets brand has really started to take off (we have a printing sweatshop type thang happening which is threatening to take over the house-think premises will soon be needed)  I've started feature writing for Bustles sister site Romper (already the dream job with the most inspiring staff ever) I'm still a senior university lecturer in film production (I have the best students ever)  and I was booked to run a seminar on plus size fashion at LondonEdge this week. All this and having to help baba with her 11+ studies and learn lines as she had landed a star part in the schools Ash Wednesday play. I am having to be so organised to keep on top of everything-thank goodness for my planner. If I ever lose it I'm doomed.
Today I had a spare hour and as I was feeling quite snazzy thought I would go and grab some shots and try and remember how this outfit post malarkey works.

I brought this jacket from Primark a few weeks ago. With its boxy shape and fringe detailing it felt a little like bargain basement Chanel and I adore the folkys quilted fabric. 
This is a size 20 but being Primarni it only just fits over my arms so if you do buy it size up if you can.If you want to buy something similar Simply be have this jaquard print boxy jacket

I always think when you wear a really loud print you should display it against a neutral background. Like a Rothko on a white gallery wall. With this in mind I've worn a simple black popcorn top by Evans and peg trousers by Asos Curve. 

How amazing are these

My accesories today are both very sparkly indeed. These black glitter brogues are by primark. Clarks do a similar pair here in silver

So in love with my White Pepper clutch

My crescent moon bag is by White pepper and I couldn't love it more. It was a birthday gift from Nicky Rockets. It completely rocks my world.

I had a bit of a rubbish weekend and beginning of the week. Feeling very down about a few things but I'm happy to report that I'm feeling back to my usual positive self again. I have a beautiful life. Great husband, amazing kid and some awesome friends. I also have glittery brogues. Its all good.

Shaking off the negativity and looking ahead
P.S who watched the new X Files? I loved it so much. 
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