Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Turn and face the strange-Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Its a time of change for me. I've entered 2016 questioning everything and its exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. 

Albert Einstein apparently said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" and I've realised that some of my habits  are not feeding my soul anymore.
This blog has been my love and passion for over five years, I felt my voice needed to be heard, a fat shaped beacon lighting the way for other women who knew that dress size and body shape had no effect on how much you loved style. 
I believe fashion and personal style are incredible weapons of subversion and I continue a deep love and appreciation for of the art of dressing but recently I have realised I need to broaden my creative horizons and I'm hoping you will indulge me.

Fashion will always be my passion

This isn't a declaration that I'm closing down the blog, far from it but I've realised I need to dig deep and be honest about what I love,what makes me happy and whilst I plan to  continue sharing clothes and style inspiration with anyone who cares to read I don't want to so be tied into the conformity of fashion blogging.I want to share more of my life, loves and dreams on this blog, to create a creative juice bar where you can pop in, recharge and leave refreshed and smelling vaguely of geranium and wheat grass.

la Famille Beedles will be making more appearances

I need to write when the muse calls me, when I'm excited by things, when I'm dying to share ideas or when I feel my outfit is absolutely banging. 
I'm bringing spontaneity back and just like bringing sexy back it feels like an incredible thing.
I've been doing some real soul searching over the last few months, I've immersed myself in creativity, watching cool documentaries, reading, chanting (yep I'm chanting and its freaking awesome) and just generally allowing myself the space to think about what I want from my life.
 The main conclusion Ive reached is that I really want to live as authentic a life as I can,strip away the bullshit and be really careful about who or what I let influence my thoughts and behavior.
To this end Im writing under my own name Perelandra as I no longer feel I need to hide behind a nom de plume.

Emotional style guides and spiritual Lookbooks will definitely be on trend this season

Transformation and change isn't always easy especially when people like the idea of who you are and its not all going to  be Rose Gold and candle lit-as much as I love the pretty, the stylised sometimes being true to yourself gets a bit messy, you colour outside the lines and good girls are told never to do that, but quite honestly who wants to be a good girl all the time. Not I.

Lets go on  a few adventures

So what does that mean? well I'm going to start including more mind, body and spirit piece's on the blog.Profiles of other amazing women past and present and also start to explore fashion and style from a variety of perspectives. There will never be  a time in my life where I'm not excited to see what turns up at London fashion week and I will still curate looks and outfits regularly but I also want to highlight style mavens who have turned their back at following trends but who continue to radiate amazing style.
I'm also hoping to include more content about my beautiful family life, my business, take you on my project to transform my home room by room this year and also include you in our travels and general life wherever I think it may be of interest.Cruelty free beauty is a real passion and whenever I discover something new I will bring it to you direct from my face.
Beauty without cruelty will always have  a place in my animal loving heart and on my blog

To push my luck even further I've recently started loving making youtube videos and will be sharing some of these here too-I know that's a turn off for some but yet again its something I love and enjoy so it belongs here in this maximalist universe.

I understand that for some the idea of  a lifestyle blog is too scattered, its a broad church and I know when there is so much blog content to read its nice to know what to expect from a writer but in order for this blog to be a true expression of me it is probably going to be an eclectic, flibbertigibbet of a thing. I'm hoping it will still be worth your time and you will still enjoy catching up with what I'm up to.
I've always been myself on this blog but have decided to just share more of what makes me tick-its pointless for me to try to impress people who are hardwired to be disinterested or try and run with the cool crowd. I may as well be myself because to borrow from Oscar Wilde, everyone else is taken! 

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