Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Childhood Heroes who influence my style

Last week probably saw a lot of us thinking about how David Bowie had shaped our style and tastes to some extent. Its interesting when you remember your childhood/teen idols you can trace back how they still inform so much of your style DNA. Looking at my young obsessions its clear that an influence still lingers.

Boy George
As soon as I saw Boy George on Top of the pops I was in love. I loved that he was a boy who looked like an impossibly glamorous girl. I adored his style and also the sexual ambiguity he represented. His eye make up and brows were always totally on point and I was very influenced by him when I first started getting into cosmetics. Boy George taught me how to contour away my double chin, a trick I have held dear long before the khardasians came along.
I fell hard for Madonna in the film Desperately seeking Susan. The hair, the cropped leggings, the arms packed full of bangles its a look Ive never grown out of. She even had luggage with skulls on for heavens sake. That movie was my style bible for  a very long time and I still love so much about the Material girls sass.
The Smiths were the soundtrack of my youth and Morrissey my leader. His love of 1950s inspired rockabilly teamed with a very English sensibility influenced my style tee-shirts, Levis and long cardigans are still such a good look especially when teamed with Ray bans and a quiff. Viva le Moz
Debbie Harry
There has never been a woman alive I have wanted to look more like than Debbie harry. I would spend hours looking at images of her when I was in my teens wishing I could transform into a punk princess with a Monroe pout and blunt fringe. Whilst being a blonde has never really suited me I have worn a Blondie style fringe many times over the last few decades and still try desperately to copy her attitude.
This post was inspired by the Post 40 blog group I'm in. They have also all blogged this month about their childhood style inspirations. Hope on over and take a look.

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