Tuesday, 5 January 2016

How To Beat The January Blues

Christmas is over,our bottom appears to be made entirely of cheese and our bank balance quietly whimpers every time you check it. It’s no wonder so many of us feel  a bit flat at the beginning of the year.
I call it the “Mehs” Its not depression which is something else entirely it’s just a general malaise
I'm a great believer in "move a muscle, change a thought" (it’s a quote I stole from Liz Taylor) so when I feel the black clouds gathering around my head I allow myself  a good day to wallow (no one can be Mary Poppins every day not even Mary Poppins who I’m sure occasionally sat at home and ate a family pack of malteesers with a gin chaser) and then I take action.
Here are some of my top tips for kicking the butt of the January Blues.

Switch What You Are Reading

As a real book worm I get very caught up in whatever I'm reading. January is not the time for  revisiting Anna Karenin. Russian suicide lit is not widely recogonised for its restorative qualities so cast Tolstoy aside. Sometimes you need to just read something uplifting and creatively stimulating switch to a fabulous thriller or wallow in some mindless chick lit or an epic fantasy. Immerse yourself in another world a few pages at a time and feel your mood lift.

Make A New Playlist

I'm not someone who can put on an Abba track or Katrina and the waves "I'm walking on sunshine" and feel happier. My inner goth just finds obviously upbeat music a bit, well depressing I do however have a few songs which my go to tunes for good vibes.These include Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t rain on my Parade” and Fleetwood macs Rhianna which makes me want to put on a  floor length dress with stars stuck to my eyebrows (and this dear readers is good) Whether its music that invokes happy memories or just fills you will a can do sensibility, blasting out some music can work miracles.

Switch Off The Computer

When I'm circling the bell jar the last thing I need is to spend too much time on twitter/facebook/blogger. I actually need to clear everyone out of my head and just reconnect with the spooniverse. Log off, call a real life friend and leave the house.Social media can be a wonderful thing but when you are feeling dissatisfied it has a tendency to shine a light on everything that is annoying you. Not every experience needs a hashtag to quantify it.

Make Plans

It can seem just plain greedy to organise gatherings straight after Christmas but a lot of festive entertaining is actually quite stressful, the pressure to have a good time, pretending to enjoy yourself at the office party whilst quietly dying inside. If you are feeling a bit flat plan to visit an art gallery with a mate or take advantage of Orange Wednesday and see a film with your beau. Just the process of plotting out  a few outings even if its just coffee at the local starbucks will give you a sense of purpose and an hour in the company of a good friend is like a salve for the soul.

Got Real

Finally if all these steps refuse to budge the blues I give myself a metaphorical slap around the face. My family are healthy, my friends are lovely and my cats and pug  are magnificent. The rest is just jam and much like jam can occasionally go moldy so shouldn't be taken too seriously. This is not quite the same as "counting my blessings" which always makes me want to rebel as it sounds a bit holier than thou and is often used to try and make genuinely depressed people shut up, no 'getting real' is the punk rock version of counting your blessings. It acknowledges that your current mood sucks but offers a dash of perspective for you to ingest with your self pity pie.

So there you have it. A few tips to help you over the January hump. 2016 is going to be epic!
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