Thursday, 14 January 2016

Don't be afraid of self expression

Taking selfies can be viewed by some as being slightly vain, the pursuit of insecure teenagers trying to emulate their idols or the past time of  silly narcissists who are daft enough to think anyone is interested in seeing their mug on a daily basis. 

me, my selfie and I

It wont shock you (especially if you follow my instagram feed) to know that I couldn't disagree more. I think the selfie can be  an incredibly empowering tool  particularly when it comes to our ideas of what is "beautiful" or "attractive"

being normal is underrated in our family

For years the only images we saw on a regular basis outside our own photo albums were of celebrities or models. Often heavily airbrushed they would be alluring, pleasing but also slightly disconnected from what the majority of us see in the mirror.
I am fabulous-My selfie likes alone tell me this

The rise of the selfie has meant people who may otherwise spend their life feeling they are less worthy, less attractive, less sociably acceptable  than others can actually celebrate their difference, their uniqueness and often will get lots of positive affirmations about that image.

We are the weirdos Mister and we like to celebrate that with selfies
 If you are someone who has been endlessly told you are ugly, unsightly, plain or weird to suddenly find that your images receive compliments, heart emojis and kind words can be very healing and for this reason alone I am a fan.
The other reason is I love to look at peoples faces. I adore the candid, daft, super posed and everything in-between. The eyes are the window to the soul and a selfie can often relay so much information and give a voice when words are hard to write.

It only took five attempts to get this beautiful candid unposed shot : )

The people I follow across my social media are an eclectic fascinating bunch and I want to see their faces, laughing, gurning, crying. The selfie can capture a mood or emotion unlike anything else

Toilet selfie-always classy

Feeling dapper? Take a selfie, having a good hair day? take a selfie, just want to connect with your social media squad? take a selfie. 
For the first time we are able to document our daily lives in a way previously only available if you were rich or famous.A selfie can be anything from a friendly hello to a battle cry in the face of repressive beauty ideals and lots of other things in-between. Most importantly though it sends a message to the universe that regardless of what society may tell us, your unique face and body is worthy of having its photograph taken and how awesome is that.

To celebrate this love of the selfie Nicky Rockets and I have created a new limited edition tee-shirt design entitled "Don't be afraid of self expression" Its our differences that make us awesome and what could be more unique than your amazing face. 
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My new tee-shirt design

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