Friday, 15 January 2016

David Bowie Inspired Plus Size Weekend Wishlist

You all know how heartbroken I am about David Bowie passing away earlier this week. We shared a birthday, his music was the soundtrack to every pivotal event in my life, he made it OK to be a snaggle toothed pasty misfit.
So this weeks wishlist is a homage to the style icon that he was and a tribute to some of his most iconic looks.
I've found some gorgeous plus size fashion pieces which key into some of his wonderful outfits so you can add a little nod to Bowie in your wardrobe this week.

The fancy jacket
David wasn't just King of the goblins he was also king of the fancy jacket. kimonos and oriental prints feature heavily especially in the mid 1970's and its a fashion choice that will never go out of style.

Kimono jacket buy here Floral print jacket Buy here

Clashing Brights
Ziggy Stardust was such a game changer in terms of pushing fashion and gender boundaries. Part alien, part vaudeville, it pulled on so many influences and still looks amazing. Clashing stripes, big shoulder pads and knee high coloured boots are a delicious combination which still look bold and modern.

My version Striped Blazer with cape Buy Here/Red wide fit boots

The Tux
No one rocked a tux and  a fedora better than Mr Jones. This picture from the 1975 Grammys is just tailored perfection. Masculine tailoring works brilliantly on a plus size figure and the addition of a fedora stops it feeling too much like work wear,

My version-Tuxedo jacket  Buy here /Fedora Hat Buy here High waisted Trousers Buy here

The Linen Suit
Bowie looked impossibly dapper during the lets Dance era often wearing a linen suit and even if the crease factor is too high for you to fully embrace a pure linen jacket there is still much to emulate with this cool collected styling.

Kimono jacket Buy here/Linen mix trousers Buy here

Monochrome Checks
Despite some of his early flamboyance much of Bowies enduring style has been a masterclass in minimalism.He often favored black, white and grey and from very early on wore checks.All style cues which are still as current as ever.

Grid print top Buy here/Textured keyhole dress Buy here

Goodbye David. Your influence on music, fashion, art and culture will continue forever, this crooked tooth Capricorn will never forget you.

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