Thursday, 7 January 2016

Could You Edit Your Life?

Nowadays its quite usual to find me going through my sky plus planner making room for new programmes by deleting old ones, clearing out my inbox of junk and spam or tidying up my photo folder on my phone. 
Keeping on top of these kind of "housekeeping" duties have become second nature to me and I'm sure I'm not alone.
Recently I realised I perhaps needed to apply this methodology to some other areas of my life. Its so easy to get weighed down by life clutter.

Could you edit your life?

Whilst I'm meticulous about keeping on top of work correspondence or ensuring my make up kit is immaculate I've let quite a few other things slide. 
So feeling reinvigorated from my recent Christmas holiday and infused with that fabulous "back to school feeling" that the arrival of a new year always seems to herald I've decided to take a good look at all the "stuff" that fills my life. 
I'm going to write down everything I do and categorise them as:

The Keepers- for example parenting, feeding the cats/Pug and the mortgage paying part of my situation are essential.

yep she's a keeper

Joy Bringers-The thing that make me genuinely contented, fulfilled and a happier person. I'm being brutally honest, that's what this exercise is all about. I already know that my daily phone chats with Lilly Von Pink, writing my blog, crafting, spending time with Nicky Rockets and watching Rupauls Drag Race will be in this column.

Endless phone convos with Lilly VP, Rupaul and glueguns make me happy! 

Meh-This is the most important part of the list.People, activities or situations which don't pay the bills and don't bring me joy.I'm a creature of habit so I know putting this list together will be the hardest. Cutting things out, even when I know they are just sucking the life out of me is difficult. 


I'm determined to do it though and am quite excited at all the empty space and white noise I will temporarily have until I start filling my life with clutter and the whole process starts again.

have you ever done a life audit? was it scary? Liberating or both? Does the idea even appeal to you?
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  1. Hi Betty, for me saying no to social situations I don't want to attend but feeling I have to used to scary. Now it isn't after practice. It makes space for the joy bringers and people actually aren't that offended. If they are are they really worth spending time with? Enjoy the edit!x

  2. I have removed a few people from my life over the last few years, and its difficult. Its often the people who are in-between the people I don't see any more and me who take it the worst. But why, but why. Someone said to me lately that I give the impression I don't need anyone except the people living in my house, and it was meant as a criticism. To be honest, I dont think 'needing' another person is such a good idea anyway. Wanting people and loving people and appreciating people they are completely different from needing people.

  3. This is an excellent post! I think we all need to do this from time to time. I recently got married and found myself saying a lot 'after the wedding'. The mammoth task of a DIY wedding alongside a busy life has taken up most of my energies. Now it is done I have decided to start my life as a Mrs by doing a very similar 'declutter'. I'm kind of a new me(new name, now a Mrs) so I am tidying up all things; I applied for a new job, am on a big house declutter, I am slowly letting some draining friendships fizzle (I won't keep making all the effort and chasing people - they are NOT really friends) and am spending more time on ME! I have had a hectic 3 years and now I am prioritising, sewing, dog walking, kindle reading, projects involving glue guns (I also love love love glue guns!) etc etc. I am feeling very good about it all and would def recommend others to do as you are (I also wrote a list - lists are the best! ;) )!! :)

  4. I love that September feeling too from a child being a new school year, a time to re-invent yourself which is why I wanted to re-design my blog for September.

    I'm always evaluating what I'm doing and where my time goes as there doesn't seem to much of it. We stopped watching TV last November and we are definitely better for it. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything.


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