Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Being More Present-Are we too distracted by social media?

Over on my Youtube channel I have started a fortnightly series which concentrates on our emotional well being. As well as celebrating our "weekly wins" those small victories which may not seem particularly amazing to anyone else but signify a "good day" to us I am also discussing how we can live happier, more contented fulfilled lives.
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I kicked off by talking about how I am going to try and be more "present" in my day to day life. This may sound like an odd statement as of course I am physically present in my own world but so often I feel my attention wander.
Checking my phone, getting involved in a twitter debate or skimming over my facebook feed. I'm like a small child who has eatten too much sugar at a party. Unable to focus on one single thing, darting around like a firefly.
I love social media, it for the most part has such a positive effect on my life. I'm self employed so it allows me to connect with dynamic, interesting people daily and feeds my need for fresh ideas, news and of course comedy.
Where it can be less positive is when I allow social media to effect my mood, leave me angry, dissatisfied or feeling irrationally (or in the case of trolls not irrationally) targeted for criticism. 

Take  a day to unplug completely
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Its like having a rude house guest walk in, get mud on the carpets, pee on the toilet seat and then leave with my unfinished book in their pocket and my favorite lipstick in their bag. Its maddening but I invited it in.
So I have started trying to create new habits. Logging off after a certain time at night, no longer taking the phone into the bedroom and having at least one day a week when I unplug completely. 
Its already had a really positive effect and is actually making me enjoy my interactions online so much more. 
Taking time out from social media is so important

I'm far more selective about what I spend time on, more decisive with the mute and unfollow button and am really starting to see the wisdom in not allowing myself to get caught up in other peoples agendas. Its had an incredibly positive effect on my state of mind as has making a list of my daily wins (which i discuss in more detail in my Youtube video) seeing the value of the tiny victory works well with my "glass half empty" default setting.
Do you long to be more engaged in the here and now? Do you feel you are addicted to social media? and if so is that a problem or a completely harmless enjoyable pastime? I would love to know your thoughts.
My video which discusses this in more detail can be viewed here.

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