Thursday, 21 January 2016

Facing The fashion Future By Embracing The Past With Oxfam

Cold weather can be a bit of a challenge if you are a lover of vintage inspired looks. Swing dresses, cute cardigans and circle skirts all seem to lend themselves to spring and summertime but as this outfit shows, its incredibly easy to put together a real cool winter look with even the brightest of frocks.

 Having once almost lived in fifties inspired clothes I now prefer my style to be  a mix of current styles with a nod to past eras but I do still have days when I want to embrace my inner fifties vixen. 
Vintage inspired? Sure but with a very modern sensibility
I'm showcasing this look as part of my entry to be the face of Oxfam's online shop. I've shopped at Oxfam all my life, losing hours in the book section, falling in love with bags, frocks and furniture. Adoring that they all come with a past and are ready for me to take into the future.

the only thing for it when the weather is this awful is add lashings of red lipstick

I absolutely love the shapes and patterns of the 1950's and finding thrifted pieces at Oxfam can really help you pull looks together that are unique and ethically conscious. 
Dressing with a specific decade in mind doesn't have to mean looking like you are attending a reenactment event.  Its all about pulling the past and present together to create stylish, beautiful looks. Not only can you bask in the knowledge that your look will be completely unique but also feel rather good that you  arent adding to the landfills and are helping those most in need. A beautiful combination of style, charity and vintage-not unlike Oxfam.


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