Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lovedrobe Sequin Trim Maxi Dress-Plus size party dress

I recently compiled a plus size festive outfit ideas post  which featured the most stunning midnight blue sequin dress by Lovedrobe. You know how I feel about sequins, there is no such thing as too many, so a floor length gown covered in them is basically the dream.

Plus size sequin maxi dress

So when Lovedrobe asked me if if I would like anything from their range to feature on the blog this Christmas I knew what my answer would be and boy this dress doesn't disappoint.

This dress is the party
The sequin trim maxi dress to give it, its proper title is like a glam drag homage to Liz Hurley. Floor length, side split with a low neckline that's just a breath away from being plunging its less a show stopper than an actual show starter. Wearing this you feel like you are the party. Its epic.

Sequin plus size perfection

One of the secrets of wearing a whole dress made of sequins is that they are incredibly forgiving if like me you have a big ripe visible belly outline. The stiffness of all that twinkle clings to your figure in all the right places and while this dress gives the impression that its skin tight its actually a fairly relaxed fit for something so sparkly.

At £55 this is such an expensive looking dress and Lovedrobe have really excelled themselves. The dark navy colour and elegant cut make it the perfect outfit for any formal dinner, glamorous party or event where you simply need to look amazing.

Some other plus size sequin faves

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