Monday, 14 December 2015

Jord Wooden Watches-A review

When Jord watches first approached me to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their "wooden watches" I admit I wasn't that enthusiastic.

Jord Wooden Watches

The idea of a wooden watch sounded cumbersome, inelegant, like something an art teacher from the 1970s would wear perhaps with a tie dyed cheesecloth skirt.

The maple and gold Sidney watch

So imagine my surprise when I went to take a look at the collection and was presented with some very beautiful looking watches indeed.
These didn't look like something made in a wood work class rather they looked beautifully crafted, delicate and really very gorgeous.

Who knew a wooden watch could look so elegent
When the watch arrived it was even more lovely than on the picture.
I chose the Maple and gold Sidney which as the name suggests has a rose coloured face with gold detailing.

It also has delicate diamante accents on the outer casing which set against the light maple of the strap look gorgeous.

As well as offering such a unique style of watch Jord also offer custom sizing for the straps so if you struggle to get watch straps to fit this is perfect.
These watches are a luxury item and the £130 price tag reflects that but these really are the kind of watches you will wear and treasure forever and if like me you find any kind of metal strap irritates your skin an incredibly comfortable fit.
Jord offer loads of different designs and style and free shipping so if you after a Christmas gift for a very tricky customer take a look.

I'm amazed at how much I love my "wooden watch" and have already worn it loads and no I didn't wear anything tie dyed, although I may have stuck pencils in my hair.
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