Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How To Manage Christmas Stress

I originally wrote this post last year but from the looks of my twitter feed and the grumbles I've been hearing in the post office queue I thought i would share it again.
Perelandra realised the pressure to be festive was starting to get to her.
Christmas can be an extremely stressful time.The pressure to feel good will toward all men when you want to set fire to most of them, the enforced periods of togetherness with family members you rarely spend more than hour with for the rest of the year, the whole build up can lead to a feeling of faint disappointment when your own day is more like a blueprint for dysfunction than a Hallmark moment.
Here are my tips for surviving the Christmas period with your sanity intact and your festive spirit not too battered.

Tip#1 Be Realistic.
 Christmas day is simply that, a day. Think of it as a few hours spent with close friends and family (or alone) with some tasty food and gifts. Its impossible to feel "joyful" for a full 12 hour so settle for enjoying not being at work or having many commitments and relax. Any yule time cheer is a bonus. If you are religious the day may have great spiritual significance if not still use it to be thankful for the good stuff.
Sod basting the turkey I'm just going to chill

Tip#2 One Size Doesn't Fit All
There seems to be some unwritten law that on the 25th of December we all morph into charade playing, winter walk loving, Only fools and horses watching robots. If that's your idea of a perfect day all power to your elbow, if its not why not tweak it a little so you really enjoy it. 
Not another Gavin and Stacey "special" I can't take it
I like to see family in the morning (after a yummy breakfast) I spend the afternoon watching a box set of DVDs which I always get in advance as I find most Christmas TV boring ( I make the exception for Dr Who) I have my Christmas dinner late in the afternoon so I don't spend all afternoon feeling lethargic and full and then take a brisk walk to the local pub to meet friends. 
I have my Bette Davies Boxset and a box of Parma Violets-celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus Betty style

For years we ate lunch at 12 and then sat around being bored pretending to enjoy the Two Ronnie's. I know this doesn't work for me so have adapted it so it does.

Tip #3 Eat Well But Don't Be A Glutton

Heinz Tomato Soup. Perfect to counterbalance the three bird roast I will have later.
Christmas is a time for delicious food but constant over eating can leave you feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Eat light but delicious food in between the big feast. Carrot and coriander soup or scrambled eggs on toast will balance out the richer elements of the days eating. Supplement some of the cheese, crackers and Christmas pudding with fresh fruit and water. Your body will thank you for it and you will enjoy the delights of the full Christmas dinner even more.

Tip#4 Remember Its Only For One Day
Its been smashing dahlinks but now I'm off to the pub
Its easy to lose perspective at this time of year. If you find yourself feeling more cranky than chrismassy, take a moment and remember as lovely as it all is, its over in the blink of an eye and there will be a sparkling exciting brand new year waiting for you not long after.Wishing you a less stressful Christmas this year.

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