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Betty Pamper's New Year Resolutions We Can All Keep

Here is to a rockin 2015

New years resolutions-they are the great divider.
Some people (me especially) love the idea of setting goals as we head into another twelve months. Others find it pointless, knowing from bitter experience that they will fall off the resolution wagon by January the 5th and just feel like they have let themselves down. 
My new years resolutions can fill whole sides of A4 paper.
I not only make practical promises (I will floss more) I also write out my dreams, my desires, my hopes. I feel there is a real alchemy about committing these to paper.
Whether you sit on New years eve making affirmations or think its a load of tosh here is a list of New years resolutions that maybe we could all be mindful of if we hope to have a happy 2016

Do one "selfless" thing a day

Now this is a slightly misleading resolution because by performing a selfless act you are basically doing a good thing with no expectation of acknowledgement or reward but here's the thing. The more of these selfless acts you do somehow the more good stuff pings into your life. I'm not sure why. Its like strange goody two shoes voodoo. Who am I to question it. 
Don't worry selfless acts don't have to be big gestures just small stuff. Giving the car park ticket which still has thirty minutes left on it to someone about to go and buy one, helping someone carry their heavy bags onto the bus, taking in your neighbours wheelie bin along with yours after bin collection day. These tiny inconsequential acts throw a small bolt of good karma into the air and the end result is a slightly less horrible world.

Send Lovebombs

I've written about Lovebombs before. Telling people when something they have said or done has impressed you, made you smile or just turned a crappy day into something bearable is such a good habit to get into. We spend so much time and energy exercising our right to complain, get so hung up on letting people have it when they screw up but rarely put the same time and energy into letting people know we think they rock. 
So if you experience really good service at a restaurant email them to let them know.A product delivers above and beyond write a message on their facebook page, a book leaves you breathless and is a total page turner, write a 5 star review on Amazon. If a friend is there for you again and again buy her a copy of Vogue, a bar Of Dairy milk and a beautiful card-just because!

Just Do it!

Start saying Yes in 2015

We all remember everybody walking around with this Nike slogan on their tee shirts but how many of us actually took this advice? So often dissatisfaction comes from the fact that we feel we have missed out on chances or let our insecurities or fears stop us from forging ahead. 
In 2016 start saying yes to more opportunities. Don't just sit at home casting envious looks at other people achievements, start following your own dreams. 
Its easy to look at others who appear to have it all and think they are just "lucky" but most of these people will tell you that "the harder they worked the luckier they became" and if you do something that doesn't work out? well at least you tried. beats watching the telly and feeling swizzed.

Be Good To Yourself
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Its a sad fact that we often take better care of others than we do ourselves. Why do we only light the lovely scented candles or use beautiful china when we have friends over for tea? You wouldn't dream of ignoring your pet if they looked to be in pain, or "forget" to feed your child but how many of us have put off making doctors appointments for ourselves because we are so busy or not eaten properly because the day "got away from us" 
Treating yourself well tells yourself and the world that you are deserving of this treatment and is a pretty powerful statement. Ranking your needs equally with your other daily demands is not only important its savvy. 
A well looked after, pampered you will perform better, live longer and yes be happier. its common sense. 
So don't be  a martyr. Oh and while we are at it,turn off the negative monologue. Ive written here about learning to love yourself. If you need a refresher course dive in.

So there you have it. A few new years resolutions which don't involve losing three stone or learning french but which I think will get us all on the right foot for 2016.

Whatever your plans are for the new year sending you all the love in the world from Pamper Towers.

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