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A year of plus size fashion with Pamper and Curves

Its nearly the end of 2015 and a lovely opportunity for me to look back on some of my favourite outfits from the last twelve months.
I post quite regularly and there were lots to choose from so I have picked a selection which I hope highlight the diversity and choice now available in plus size fashion.
Whatever your size or shape there will be an outfit to make you feel fantastic.

I kicked off the year in a riot of pink prettiness from Yours Clothing, something to offset the cold grey weather. Adding faux fur collars and cute Mary Janes to Gothic lace swing dresses by Pink Clove was also big in my life it seems.

Jaunty mauve trilby and velvet coats featured heavily.Us Capricorns love opulence.

In Early February I spent a lovely day modelling for Scarlett and Jo which of course meant wearing gorgeous prom dresses like the Ivory floral prom 

Helping channel my inner Jessica Rabbit was the Red Miami dress by Gemma Collins and we revealed the second Zombie inspired tee-shirt from my brand Nicky Rockets

March saw some easy breezy style with leopard print joggers by Asos and a super cute floral lace dress by Fashionworld. The sight of my dimpled legs on the internet enraged quite a few people-arent some folk daft.

Like a budget concious fashion archaeologist I unearthed some real gems at George of all places and took advantage of their very affordable citrus brights and Cannes inspired Capri pants.

April was a big month for super blogger Nadia Aboulhosn who launched her own range for Boohoo including this rather sassy Tuxedo dress. I also fell in love with some check cigarette trousers by Simply be which soon became known as my Rupert the bear pants and were rarely off my legs

Having had dinner with Queen Holliday earlier in the month I decided to give the   Tess dress by Yours clothing a whirl and fell in love with the Hollywood top by Gemma Collins for Evans.Tough girl chic for the win.

As the weather turned warmer I embraced some fierce tropical print harem trousers and my love affair with fur gilets began.A love that still beats strong.

a highlight of this month was getting my hands on the Phoebe lip print dress by lady Volup which I adore.I feel like a  cartoon character in it. 
Inspired by how good so many bloggers were looking I also dipped my toe into the boho look with a fab outfit by Simply be 
Having avoided maxi dresses for years, finally succumbing to their floaty charms was easier than I thought.

Always my favourite month as its my daughters birthday and my outfits were really fun as we reach the midway point. From luxury floral prints at posh brand Studio 8 to Aztec print trouser suits from Curvissa nothing was too bold.

June also saw me feeling the vintage babe vibe and rocking some serious Joan from Mad Men styling in dresses provided by  indie brands Curvety and Apples and Pears  
Ready to take your memo Mister Draper.

This was a fairly low key month on the blog due to Nicky being ill but I did feature a few great looks including this awesome hot pink slouch top by indie brand 1 of 1 designs and a cute tee by Bon Prix which was part cool affirmation, part Wham video. A heady brew.

No one puts Mimi in the corner so I channelled some Mariah Carey vibes in a Moroccan kaftan (forgetting my trousers) and got sassy in a batwing frock by Curvissa

The school summer holidays. My favourite time as I have all my family around. My fashion picks included leopard print jumpsuits and white frocks with red accessories both from Topsy Curvy 

And its not all about dresses may I introduce the most perfect pair of black ripped plus size jeans and a dress by Lovedrobe so pink and sweet it made your teeth ache.

Its back to school and that can only mean one thing-a new coat and boy did I get a fabulous one by Lovedrobe, part pimp fur, part Beetlejuice. 
My acquaintance was also made with most beautiful pink sequinned frock  my outfit for Miss Plus size UK-I felt amazing in a slightly Joan Collins fashion.

Textiles always excite me and this month I  played with different fabrics and slightly more structure with a Dobby shirt and leather skirt by Simply be and this fabulous Matinee coat by Taking Shape.

One of my favourite months and so many great outfits to choose from. From skeleton body con frocks to leopard print Maxis  my love for beautiful plus size fashion felt reinvigorated.After a frankly quite rubbish summer it felt good to rediscover my mojo.

With the weather turning chilly it was time to indulge my love of wraps with a beautiful tartan number by Yours  (well the Bay city rollers have reformed so why not) and also served some serious 1970s  vibes with an epic jumpsuit

The month of golden leaves and bonfire parties. Marisotta provided a lovely  maxi dress which went beautifully with my latest fur gillet whilst Tigermilly sent me a dress featuring a autumnal fox print. Amazing.

I also reviewed some wide fit wellies which was the perfect excuse for puddle jumping and the new Hellbunny range for Yours clothing where I pretended to be Helene Bonham Carter.

Which brings us neatly to this month which has been all about the best plus size party dresses in town. Sequins, gems and more bling than Liberaces handbag.  

I hope my fashion blogs continue to give you ideas for your own wardrobe, introduce you to brands you might not have heard of and perhaps encourage you to try looks and styles you would usually dismiss. I'm so excited for 2016, I have no idea what's in store but I feel positive it will all be good.
Thankyou so much for checking in,leaving comments and chatting to me on social media. Your support means everything and I hope you will continue to drop by.
I am also enjoying filming more videos for my Youtube channel so if you would like to see more of my fashion and beauty choices as well as my family vlogs and product reviews do subscribe here is my latest plus size party dress lookbook

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