Sunday, 8 November 2015

The best Halloween party ever

Yes I realise Halloween was last week and everyone (including me) is now sharing pictures of Christmas decoration purchases and starting to consider buying mince-pies but last weekend I attended such a great Halloween party and just wanted to share the pictures and of course my costume.
Th family that spooks together, stays together

I get my obsession with Halloween (and Christmas) from my mum who loves it, we all do in my family and always have big parties. I think its the theatrical side in us allowed to come out in full force. We cant resist an opportunity to camp it up.
My mums parties are sort of legendary, they are just always amazing. she is so creative and puts so much thought into them so I was very excited as we drove up to Nottingham.


My costume this year was a Voodoo skeleton. I started off as simply a skeleton but remembered I had a jaunty little top hat which I had brought from Disneyland a few years ago (its a Nightmare before Christmas one) and it seemed to add a Voodoo priest look to the whole get up. I added skeleton knee socks and my white hi tops and felt very cute indeed.
Dracula with his lucky black cat

Nicky was Dracula and couldn't really talk with his fangs in which was hilarious and baba was  a very sweet cat.
This was my mums front door-the neighborus must love us
My mums house when we arrived had been transformed into a house of horors, there were witchy family portraits on the walls, jars of pickled fingers, Medusa statues that moved and the piece de resistance she had turned one of her sheds into a haunted cabin with a clown that lit up and cackled and lots of creepy props everywhere.

My mum had made so many props including these in the kitchen

All the family photographs had been changed out to old spooky Victorian portraits

The Spooky Shed
 Me and baba acted as the tour guides and led people up a candle lit path and told them the story of the horrifying shed killer-it was all great fun.
Enter if you dare

There was of course lots of yummy vegetarian food and my sister made a great graveyard trifle-yep we are those people and we are proud.

Everyone really got into the party spirit and there were some amazing costumes. I had one too many zombie cocktails and ended up doing the dance moves to Thriller much to babas embarrassment and snogging Dracula inappropriately. What can I tell you, twas a crazy night.

Our hosts for the nights my Mum and her partner Mick-they worked so hard to create a brilliant night
Baba with her Cousin Theo She loves him so much
Scary Sisters 
me with my sister and Mum-The apple doesn't fall far from the Halloween tree

I also filmed some of us getting ready, you can watch the video here.


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