Friday, 13 November 2015


Age aint nothing but a number, or at least that's how the song goes. Trouble is that when you are woman past the "desired" 18-25 demographic it is so much more than a number. The cycle goes Maiden, Mother, Crone and in fashion its "Maiden, Mother-DIE"
I should by rights be living in a shack in the woods capturing children and making soup from their bones and yet here I am still obsessing over shoes and hemlines-its unseemly really. 
I wanted to care about my age but was too busy being amazing

I have considered writing about this before but kept putting it off, I live a life relatively unfettered by worry regarding what society deems "age appropriate behavior" but not being affected by something is not the same as it not existing.  

Sure I by and large ignore any external pressure about how women over forty should dress but there is no denying that lots of brands and media outlets do care. And that is quite frankly a big fucking bore.

Fat,Forty, Fabulous

Women over forty are hugely underrepresented in straight size fashion representation, throw fat into the equation and its quite an arid place.They love our kerching but apart from occasionally fawning over Stella Tenant for a Marks and Sparks ad we are largely ignored.No one puts baby in the corner, Muttonchops though is not even in the same room.

My beige tunic was in the wash

Except here we are, with more energy than ever, far more disposable income than our younger selves, armed with the knowledge of what suits us coupled with the lack of self consciousness that I believe age brings. Its sad that people dread hitting forty, seeing it as door slamming shut.The reality is its actually a gateway to living the life you always wanted to but didn't because you gave too much of  a crap about what others thought.

magic is something that continues over 40
The lovely Leah and Mookie bored of never seeing anyone their age represented gathered us over forty fashion mavens myself included and suggested a monthly blog showcasing how over forty is a rather magnificent place to be.
This idea really called to me, not because I feel I want to moan about feeling marginalized (although lets be clear it happens) but rather to celebrate fashion and style as you head into the "40 and over" tickbox. 
If nothing else I hope that any of my readers facing the milestone can relax and realise nothing changes, you are exactly the same. On the morning of your 40th birthday no one rushes in shouting "mutton" and steals all your beautiful clothes throwing beige polyester slacks at you, you drink champagne, wear a jaunty hat and just continue living your beautiful juicy life as before.

Over 40, still juicy
Check out the other over forty foxes taking part in this-they are awesome.Also look for the #plus40fabulous on social media.

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