Wednesday, 18 November 2015

November Beauty Favourites

Its been a while since I did a monthly faves blog and vlog so decided it was time to remedy this. Here are the products I've been enjoying this month,

Aussie Mega Watt shower Gel Buy Here

I love the Aussie brand of shampoos and conditioners so was quite intrigued when I saw they had brought out a line of shower gels too. This one is the "Wake up and Go Go" which contains Australian Ginseng and is supposed to give you a little bit of a boost. I'm not sure that's quite true but its a nice shower gel with good foam and the classic Aussie scent that we have come to know from their hair care range. Beware mistaking this for shampoo though, I did it twice and my hair squeaked.

Simple Cleansing wipes Buy Here

I love the ease of taking my make off with wipes. I wear a lot of eye make up and faffing around with liquid removers and cotton wool just isn't my bag. I had been using the Aldi Lacura wipes for a while but I think they changed the formula as they became very wet and made my eyes sting so I have flipped back to my old favourite Simple. These are such a good wipe, they take your make up off in seconds (even eyeliner and eyelash glue) and don't leave your face feeling tight or sore. Great value too.

Blanx Extra white toothpaste Buy Here

I do love my teeth to look as white as possible but drinking endless cups of earl Grey does leave them slightly stained especially at the bottom. I have used a few of the other whitening toothpastes out there like Pearl Drops and the baking soda one and thought they were good for leaving my teeth feeling clean but couldn't honestly say they made my teeth much whiter. This Blanxs toothpaste is really impressive for something you can buy at Boots or Superdug. Its definitely made my teeth about two shades whiter and they have felt so clean since I started using it. 

Philip Kingsley Body building shampoo Buy Here

You know I struggle to get any body or volume in my hair so was keen to try these body building products from Phillip Kingsley. I actually liked the Body Building shampoo best.Used on its own it definitely made my hair fuller and gave it great shine. I used the body building conditioner every second wash as I found it left my hair a bit greasy at the roots if I used it every time. definitely gave my hair a bit more oomph and apparently good for thinning hair too. 

Montague Jeunesse hair mask Buy Here.

This is a great budget pamper product, it smells good enough to eat and left my hair really, really soft. I actually found I had enough in this sachet for two treatments. I put it on and then wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and towel and left it on for a few hours and it really worked on my processed ends a treat.

Kiss true Volume Eyelashes Buy Here

You know my favourite brand of eyelashes is always going to be Ardell but by jingo I think these may come in a close second (only £4 a pack too) these are such a nice brand to wear. Giving you soft fluttery lashes which feel really comfortable and look great. I wasn't aware of the Kiss True volume lashes but they have definitely earned a place in my make up kit.

MUA Lip lacquer Buy Here

I used this MUA Luxe velvet lacquer on my recent dramatic eye tutorial and absolute loved it (the shades called Kooky) I had struggled to get on with the lip laquers in general as I found the consistency too drying but the luxe versions are slightly more wearable but just as intense and long lasting. I have them in nearly every shade-they rock.

Maybelline Master ink eyeliner Buy Here

I am always on the lookout for really true black liquid eyeliner and this one is the best one I have used in ages. It has a great felt tipped applicator which allows you to get really sharp dramatic french flicks and as long as you apply it to matte eyelids (use a little primer or shadow) it stays put all day.Love it.

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