Monday, 5 October 2015

PinkClove Geo Print jumpsuit-A review

Some items of clothing help you tell a story, they not only keep you warm and  but they also inhabit you with a sassy spirit, a certain je ne sais se quoi.

Today's geo print wide leg jumpsuit by Pink Clove is one such item. 
As soon as I slipped it on I felt like Bianca Jagger the studio 54 years. So much so that I was astounded that Andy Warhol wasn't napping on my couch whilst Mick flossed in the bathroom. 

Ready to party with Andy Warhol

I thought I was all but over the 1970's boho look but this outfit has convinced me that disco can live on for autumn. 
Size wise as Spandau once sang its "so true"(I'm wearing a 20)  and isn't gapey at the neckline which is great news if like me you prefer not to have your boobs falling out making the place look untidy.
The leg length is good, sure it looks long on me but remember I'm only five foot three and I love how wide the pants are. The tie belt finishes it off very nicely indeed.
If you are going to strut about in a very 70's jumpsuit you need to add a floppy hat and this brown felt hat is just perfect. 

1970s plus size style

As its October and starting to get a little chilly I've worn my trusty Simply be gillet and for accessories my Burgundy VW bag which works beautifully with the brown and orange accents of the jumpsuit. My  sunnies are Chanel aviators   my white wedge sandals are by Boohoo

Just how fantastic is this print

For years plus size women have been encouraged to blend into the background, to minimise ourselves as if our physical presence is an affront to civilised society. That's why outfits like this make me so incredibly happy.Its not only a snazzy nod to  a bygone era fashioned into a wide legged jumpsuit, its also a two fingered salute to those who would have us hidden away or only wheeled out to feature on grim documentaries about being too fat to leave the house. I've left the house alright and Andy and Mick are waiting to party.

I won't go quietly into the black smocked night

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