Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Day At Toytopia

Last weekend I spent an amazing afternoon at Toytopia. For those unfamiliar with the event ( and I was until a few months ago) it's a showcase of all the latest toys and games. Like comic con but with Lego and Aquabeads. It's fair to say baba was very excited ( in fact we all were) and on a very windy rainy afternoon we headed off to Liverpool's Convention centre ready to take in the sights and play with all the toys!

Toytopia here we come!

Yes we were rather excited
As soon as we arrived we were swept up in the excitement. Everywhere you looked was toys, flying mini drones, storm troopers and even a life size version of Dennis the Menaces bedroom. It was brilliant.

Hanging out in Denis The Menaces bedroom
Hanging out with the original rebel 

Nicky R hulking out

The highlight for us was definitely the Sylvanian families stand ( Baba loves the squirrels) and the ball pool full of Lego. What was lovely was that it wasn't just things to look at but it had been really well organised so there were workshops in how to draw Dennis the menace run by one of the Beano artists, there was a science station with microscopes and slides and Lego stations where you could make your own statues to be featured in the event display.We spent hours playing and drawing and really it doesn't get better than that.

Blogger posing with a human size Sylvanian character

is it wrong that I kind of want those yellow dungarees in my wardrobe?
 Although busy it wasn't packed which made it a lovely experience and we went around the event twice to make sure we hadn't missed anything. It was such a perfect start to the half term holiday and if the event comes to your town I highly recommend it.

Nicky Rockets and the Doctor doing their best John Travolta pose

Spot the Starwars nerd couple
My only slight moan was the cost of food there was eye wateringly expensive (two coffees cost £7) and the vegetarian options were almost non existent so we ended up having a weird potato wedge butty for lack of anything else but its my own fault for being lazy and not taking a packed lunch in my usual nan type fashion.

I will do a proper outfit post of this dress as its an absolute beaut but if you fancy getting your hands on it its the Pixie scarf print dress from PinkClove worn with a faux fur gillet by Marisotta.
I also filmed a vlog of my day at Toytopia so if you want to see more take a look.


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