Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pug Garden Party

*Warning Pug Heavy Post*
Last weekend I took Mister Truffles along to the The West Pennine Pug Dog Club Garden Party at Sandbach. I had heard from other Pug owners what fun it is and had never managed to go so this year I was on a mission and I'm so glad I did.
Mister Truffles ready to party
The Garden party raises money for rescue pugs, many of whom were at the event with their new owners. The stories behind these rescues are simply heartbreaking, dogs discarded by disreputable breeders after they have been forced to have litter after litter. Dogs who were blind after being neglected and elderly pugs whose owners had simply grown tired of them after they had passed from cute into whiskery grey dog territory.

Little Miss Muffet

The event had a real festival vibe, except pugs replaced glow sticks and bands

Pugs are such loving dogs, their owners are their world, Mister Truffles is like my shadow so the thought of someone being less than kind to this gorgeous breed is just very depressing. What is uplifting though is all the people involved in this event who have taken these raggle taggle pugs into their hearts and homes.
Mister Truffles kissing some other pugs (he is such a tart)
One of the many blind pugs at the events, pugs often get problems with their eyes and of left untreated they can lose their sight

This was without doubt the most pugs I have ever seen in one place, it was almost surreal. What I love about pugs is how different they all look, sure they are all small with flat faces and curly tails but some are pure faun, some are almost silver, some jet black, others flecked with grey. Its the same with their size some are petite and dainty and  some (like Mister Truffles) are lovable chunks, what they all share though is just bags of character.

Pug Lobster

One of the four pug Amigos

The day comprised of various fun events including the pugolympics (where Mister Truffles did us proud with a clear run on the relay field bagging himself a red rosette) musical statues (which was so funny as pugs just don't really do what they are told so either ignored being told to sit when the music stopped or lay on the ground for a nap) and my favourite event the fancy dress section.The creativity and pure daftness exhibited was just hilarious.Pugs dresses as ghost busters, Princesses, hot dogs and cupcakes.

Ghost busters
They do call Pugs the clowns of the dog world and watching them all strutting along its hard to argue.I would have loved to have entered Mister Truffles but he hates any kind of head wear and tends to eat costumes so we decided to leave it.

A banana split

Not that he was without swag, oh no Mister Truffles wore his Doctor Who inspired velvet bow tie collar  and because it was a bit chilly and wet (and he hates the rain) his leopard print coat.He was so good, in fact all the dogs were. They are a daft gentle breed who seem to attract devoted slightly eccentric owners.I spoke to so many lovely people from all different walks of life all with one thing in common, a love of pugs.
Mister Truffles had no interest in being held- too much play action on the ground
Nicky Rockets with Mister Truffles

What I wore
Pug Party Chic
A day of running around a field required casual clothes but I don't really do "dressed down" so I ended up wearing my Yours ripped jeans, a "Boobs and tattoos" tee-shirt, my animal print jacket by Simply Be and some sketchers

It was a wonderful afternoon which hopefully raised lots of money for a very worthwhile cause.
*All watermarked photos taken from the Pug Rescue facebook page


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