Sunday, 6 September 2015

Martine Mccutcheon for fashionworld

Last week I was invited to the very beautiful Bernardo's house in London's Soho to meet the actress and singer Martine Mccutcheon who has launched a plus size clothing range for Fashionworld. 
This is my moment...
I had been slightly tickled when this invite arrived as in my youth I was often told I looked like Martine (I didn't I just had long dark hair but she is beautiful so I always agreed) and for that reason alone have always vaguely stalked her career. 
Stalking aside I have always really liked her fashion sense too. I remember her being one of the first celebrity's to really nail the whole skinny jeans with heels and a clutch bag thing which is just so everyday now but looked very edgy when she started wearing it.
Martine talking me through her range

When I arrived at the venue I hadn't realised that each of the fashion writers would get a one on one interview with Martine while she went through the collection and I did worry that it would be slightly uncomfortable if the line was a bit naff.
 Thankfully it was all amazing and she was so engaged and passionate about the designs that it was a total pleasure and just like chatting to your mate, if your mate had been in Eastenders and films with Hugh Grant and was really beautiful.
Martine explained how the she had been offered a few similar deals with other fashion labels in the past and always turned it down as she wouldn't be able to have any real input and that didn't interest her. Fashionworld on the other hand really wanted her style stamp on every piece encouraging her to bring in the favourite clothes from her own wardrobe as reference and the detailing on some of the clothes is a credit to this approach.

I loved this.
 The black jumpsuit for example which I really liked featured a long rope belt which she said was inspired by Studio 54, the velvet bolero jacket is structured with small shoulder pads for a strong silhouette and the PU trousers are high waisted as a nod to the fact that having had a baby she wanted tailoring in her clothes which reflects her rounder figure. It all adds up to some really nice clothes.

here it is on me-wrong size but you get the drift

Loved this jacket
Martine looked great in a white tuxedo jackets from the collection which had more than a hint of Sally Bowles Cabaret about it and I loved how she had put it with PU trosuers and heels. very chic indeed.
The white Tuxedo jacket
Here it is on me-note this isn't my size so doesn't look as good
 My favourite pieces included the Tulle skirt which would look so beautiful with the boyfriend tee shirt (amazing zip detailing on the shoulder hems) I can see me wearing this with biker boots and leather jacket and feeling very lovely indeed.

The Gold spot top which with its long wrap belt and see through fabric would be amazing with jeans or a pencil skirt and was definitely for me one of the standout pieces-this would be so nice for winter.

How adorable is this top!

Finally I also really liked the printed pleat dress which had more than a hint of Liberty fabric about it.Its boho but more arts and crafts movement than woodstock and that's all good by me.
the colour of this was so good

With a size range which goes up to a 32 I am really impressed with this collection and can't wait to wear some of it this Autumn. All available now at Fashionworld

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