Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I'm not the girl next door

So often I feel we celebrate the ordinary, our love affair with the "girl next door" never seems to tire, "not trying too hard" is always the look de jour and goodness it bores me.

I've never been the girl next girl. I'm the mad woman in the attic. I want luxury and attention to detail. I'm a Faberge, not a kinder egg.
Today's outfit sums up this mood perfectly. The star of the show  is a last season matinee coat (the Phantom by taking shape, its all but out of stock but this one is similar) which is perfect for this sunny but cool weather.

My dress is an Asos Curve teeshirt dress which is so great to wear under opulent coats and jackets, simple black chic to off set the statement coat. This is a trick I often use when wearing one quite striking piece-whether it be coats, jewelry or a dress, put it with a plain block colour and the end result is magic.

My shoes are grown up Minnie mouse numbers by Yours and I love them so much I want to sleep in them. they give me height but I can still run in them, I wont but I could and life is all about having choices.

With personal style as with everything else its always vital that you walk to the beat of your own drum. Life is too short to wear ugly clothes or argue with stupid yourself, everyone else is taken.


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