Thursday, 17 September 2015

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Shoes, they hold a strange fascination. We use shoe analogies to make a point, you want empathy "walk a mile in my shoes" need someone to leave you the hell alone "you are like a stone in my shoe"  
They are functional, they can be fashionable but they can also signify so much more.

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe

 As a fat kid clothes were the enemy, they let me down at every turn, they were too small, the wrong fit, not wide enough, not enough stretch but shoes, oh shoes were my friend. Always waiting with open arms, beautiful, non judgmental. My chubby feet were always welcome and because of this shoes have always been extra important to me.
They give me height when I feel diminished, they allow me to run when I need a fast getaway. I put on my dancing shoes whenever I hear Northern Soul.

 These shoes are by Deichman, part of  a capsule collaboration with blogger,photographer and Vogue contributor  Hanneli Mustaparta

There are ten pairs in all-some casual, some high maintenance, a few flirty numbers and much to my delight some boots which look like they will take absolutely no nonsense from anyone. These aren't wispy little heels, spitefully rolling your ankles from underneath you as you totter precariously one foot in front of the other, these are shoes which look tough and beautiful, like all the best women.

I'm wearing the chunky zip up casual shoe although I feel they have been woefully misnamed as there is nothing casual about these jet black numbers. These are shoes for stomping in, kicking down doors in  or at the very least stalking away in a huff. Casual, I don't think so. Casually aggressive maybe (I'm sure that was on my school report)

 Encouraged by the take no prisoners styling of these Deichmanns I have embraced some androgyny. My cheerleaders this morning, offering style tips from my i-pod  were Patti Smith, Annie Lennox circa "whos that girl" with some Marc Bolan for good measure.This is what good shoes will do for you, offer you the building blocks for amazing outfits, like fantasy football but with heels and hems.

The light on my photographs is Northern, my trousers were stolen from Paddington bear, my attitude requires no fairy lights or scented candles.This is blogging Merseyside style. My shoes are taking me to the edge of the River so I can look across the water.

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  1. Firstly, I love this post! I love all the analogies....! Brilliant! I too felt the same way about shoes being my friend. A size 6 shoes is always a size 6 shoes...however I remember once having an argument with a velvet maroon heel with a floral ankle strap in Faith once...that was no where near a 6...but don't you worry - I squeezed my foot in to them somehow...wore them once...and vowed never again, selling the to the highest bidder.
    I was massively in to heels with a platform when I was in my early 20s but I found the rest of my 20s were filled with comfy converse (my 'lesbian' years) However my favourite shoes is an ankle boots with a no taller than 2 inch cuban style heel on them. I love my ankle boots...a bit lower than 2 inch heels nowadays if I want to walk anywhere but yes ,shoes were always my friend. (p.s. SLIPPERS are totes my thing now though...I live in them) x

  2. love love love... especially the knee high boots - sadly they wont go round by calves [ I have calves that a rugby prop would be proud of ], though I am also taken by the patent Chunky Chelsea boot.. shiny!!

  3. How is the fit with these? I've always found Deichman shoes a little on the small side, and being a wide fit 8 there's not much room for mistake with my feets!

  4. These shoes are great but at a size UK 9 I've always had the same problem with shoes as I do with clothes. School shoes were generally from the men's section. First ugly suede walking shoes, then black trainers, then chunky work boots - the Goth in me loved those - things these days are slightly better but they should still have wider size ranges in shoes. Most brands stop at an 8 and I've even seen them stop at a 6 or 7. My biggest annoyance is availability discrepancies. Take Dr Martens for example. On the DM website women's sizes are available up to a 9. Look on Schuch, Office, Amazon etc and they'll only be available up to an 8 which is very annoying if one of the sites has a good sale on. I do like to scour eBay though, I tend to find good deals there, just bought some Dr Marten Polley T-Bar shoes for £68 (RRP £90) which was a score! Must be the last of back to school stock.

  5. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Simply wish to say your article is as astounding.These shoes are awesome!!! Quirky and comfortable. My feet and calves are somewhat narrow but these boots don't overwhelm my slender shortcomings. The color is gorgeous. The external zipper was a little sticky but I don't plan on using that feature so that's not a problem for me. I planning on buying other boots in different colors in the near or semi-distant future.

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  7. The light on my photos is Northern, my trousers were stolen from Paddington bear, my state of mind requires no pixie lights or scented candles.This is blogging Merseyside style. My shoes are taking me to the edge of the River so I can look over the water.

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