Saturday, 19 September 2015

Doctor Who Themed Wishlist

Doctor Who starts again this weekend and I know I'm not the only fat Whovian very excited indeed, its also one of my favourite times in the fashion calender "autumn coat time"
To celebrate this weeks wishlist is using all things Doctor Who to find some plus size winter coat inspiration.  Climb into my blue box and lets go (and yes its bigger on the inside) 

The David Tennant Inspired mac 
Still one of my favourite doctors, both in terms of his character but also his style.A suit with converse and a jaunty mac-that's a whole universe of style right there.
How David wore it

How I would wear it-Asos Mac Buy here

Tom Baker Stripes
They say you never forget your first love or in my case, my first Doctor Who. Tom Baker was eccentric, manic with a penchant for jaunty hats and stripey scarves. The standard was set.

How Tom Wore It

How I would wear it Lavish Alice Cape blazer Buy Here

Matt Smiths Tweedy doctor
Not only did Matt Smith make fezs cool he also did a mean line in tweed jackets. His geography teacher chic was right up my milky way, I mean who doesn't love a man in a bow tie?
How Matt wore it

How I would wear it-Joe Browns Tweed coat Buy here

Peter Capaldis Sharp tailoring
Whilst many of us may have taken a while to warm to this world weary, grumpy doctor, what has been perfect from the beginning has been his impeccable style. Crisp shirts and red lined jackets make him one of the most stylish doctors of recent times.
How Peter Capaldi wears it
How I would wear it-Black single button Yours  jacket Buy here

River Songs Pale luxury
Ok she may not be a doctor but she is my favourite ever Doctor Who character and this is my blog so she gets a mention. River in this white space jacket with fur collar is just to die for (and stick around with her and there is a high chance you might, but oh what a way to go)

How River Wore It

How I would wear it Asos faux fur coat Buy Here

However you celebrate the return of the doctor, have a great weekend and don't forget your coat, its gets cold in space!


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