Wednesday, 30 September 2015

1960's Plus Size Style And Lots Of Hairspray

A few months ago after sharing an outfit post on twitter a quick witted troll commented "Ugh she looks like Tracy Turnblad" As I told the online charmer at the time, I was actually hugely flattered.
It also made me laugh that he didn't see the irony in comparing me unfavorably to a plus size character in a musical, which is all about people making ignorant choices based on size and race.


The film "Hairspray" with Rikki Lake was one of the first musicals I ever saw. The fact that it featured a chubby leading lady, a drag queen mama (the amazing Divine) and bags of sixties style made it a firm favorite and I have loved that decades style ever since.

When looking at sixties fashion as a plus size hottie its easy to think it can't work in your everyday wardrobe.Mini skirts and figure hugging jump suits might not be your cup of tea (I blummin love them but I think we have established Im a huge show off ) but you don't have to follow the trends of that decade religiously. You can just give a stylish nod to the era in your outfits .After all you don't want to look like you are in fancy dress.

Shift style tunics can look very "Cilla Black the cavern years" with the right styling

One of my favorite ways to wear a 1960s look is to channel early sixties beatniks. I'm talking cropped leggings, over sized sweater and ballet pumps. Another approach is to simply wear  wear a headscarf that matches your skater dress for some Tracy Turnblad chic. Even a pretty floral swing dress can have a Betty Draper Mad Men feel with the right hair and make up.

Waiting for Don

This seasons shift dresses are easily turned into a sixties homage with thick tights. I love adding decorated collars to them for a sort of Wednesday Adams/Gogo girl vibe.

Add Peter pan Collars to your skater dresses, its such a cute retro look

A small beehive and french flick eyeliner and you are ready to do the locomotion or jive like a bunny!

This blog post is a collaboration with the Hairspray musical which is touring the UK right now. Click here for all the details


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