Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Yours plus size black ripped jeans-A review

Some days I need to dial down the froth and wear outfits that are practical as well as stylish.I often wear leggings but until now have never ever got on with plus size jeans. 
Jean Jeanie

The fact that I carry a lot of weight around my middle whilst having fairly slim legs has always made getting the right fit nigh on impossible-until now.
I took a chance on these high waisted stretch ripped jeans by Yours after hearing  a few blogger friends of mine raving about them.I had  a voucher to spend so thought, what the heck if they don't work I can always send them back. Oh she of little faith.
Not only so they look great but are ridiculously comfortable. The high waist means I don't feel cut in the middle and avoid the rather unappealing gut overhang that I usually suffer with jeans and the stretch means they fit my legs as well as my waist-I'm so pleased and think I will definitely buy  a few more pairs.

Here I have teamed them with a sequin skull top  which is out of stock but this is similar and my navy linen jacket also by Yours which I have worn so much it will probably start to attach itself to my skin. I just love it.My Nike sparkly trainers and red squashy bag finish off this casual but cool outfit. 

Dressed down Diva

Yes this is low key dressing but occasionally even divas need a day off.

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