Sunday, 2 August 2015

Plus Size White lace Skater Dress by Topsy Curvy-A review

Recently I have had a hankering for everything in white.
As well as getting a white denim jacket (review coming soon) I also plan to decorate my house in white this month and use art for colour. Other than my pink kitchen I just want a fresh start and everything on the pale spectrum calls to me.
A whiter shade of pale

Which is why this plus size white lace skater dress by Topsy Curvy is so perfect.Its so pretty, frothy and yes incredibly girly. White is a high maintenance colour but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for style and I for one don't mind not wiping my greasy fingers on my skirt if it means I get to wear a dress this lovely.

Red, White and Curvy

Until this dress arrived I had started to think the people who made sleeves on plus size frocks had gone on strike but no here they are as plain as the nose on my face, white lace sleeves which have enough stretch in them that my arms don't feel like cling film wrapped sausages.Bravo.Its also a very affordable £25 which as it seems I need to remortgage my house every time I get the shopping urge is also cause for celebration.

A bit of all white

In fact the sizing on this dress is rather good all round (no pun intended but hey take it if you like) this is the size 20 and with its drop waist and bit of stretch is really quite roomy and very comfortable.It features a stretchy lining on the bodice and skirt so whilst you might look slightly see through actually no one can see the colour of your knickers (which are obviously red, matchy matchy from my head to my toes and everything in between) 

 All this  white could feel a little bridal so I have added the shot of red which always goes so well with snow white (eat the apple bitch) with my red jelly wedges which I picked up from Amazon  and this red patent bow belt which actually came with another dress but you can buy similar here My red bag was a gift but you can buy similar here

Red accessories stop this being too white wedding

I'm  a big fan of Topsy Curvy and they have very kindly set up a discount code for my readers. Simply use  BETTYPAMPER at checkout and receive 10% off.

Red and White Plus size picks


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