Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lovedrobe Crepe Dipped Hem Swing Dress-A review

My obsession with pink sugary shades seems to never wane. I never grow tired of rose petal hues, its one of my longest most consistent fashion love affairs and I doubt it will ever end. Je t'aime pink!
My love affair with pink continues
Which of course meant when I saw this pink dipped hem crepe dress by Lovedrobe £15 I was on it like a pink car bonnet.
Its actually quite rare to find a plain unadorned bright pink dress, too often they are spoilt by fussy collars, patterns or bows when actually the colour is more than enough.
Its a pinky frothy crepe dream
This dress is made of crepe so is as unforgiving as a scorned lover.I am wearing control knickers as without them you could quite literally see my belly button. 
Being crepe it has very little give so if you are in between sizes my advice would be to size up. This is the 20 and I love the fit around the waist but its a bit pinchy around the arms (my arms are quite big though so yet again its all to do with how your own gorgeous body is proportioned)
This dress definitely isn't generous but it looks so pretty

I wore this initially with my white denim jacket by Yours which is still looking surprisingly pristine even after a weeks holiday and many walks with Mister Truffles (who does have a tendency to just lie down when he has had enough and insist I carry him)
My white denim jacket has been such  a good summer buy

As you can see the length of this frock is somewhat short (I'm five foot three) but the dipped hem at the back made it fairly wearable. If you are taller this would probably work best with leggings (or you could flash your pants, no judgement here ladies)

I'm wearing my white Dani wedge shoes  white sunglasses a Birkin style bag and a necklace from a market stall in Liverpool.Yep keeping it real even if I am dressed like Barbra Cartland the strumpet years.

More Plus Size Pink (cheeky)


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