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State of mind active and Fierce Grace Hot Yoga

I have been a fan of plus size sportswear brand State of mind active for a while. They offer really beautiful active wear in sizes 14-28 and I own quite a few sets of their flared joggers and vests.

Getting my hot yoga on with State of mind active

 The quality is really high (looking as good as new even after many washes) and the styles and shapes are incredibly comfortable but also stylish too which is really important to me.
 I'm not one for wanting to throw on scabby old tracksuit bottoms and a nasty tee-shirt for exercise, I want to look good and State of mind deliver this.
before the class-notice how unsweaty we look
I first met the brand at Curvy Con and they are so lovely and really passionate about providing performance wear which delivers great design. Co-founded by sisters Kerensa and Michaela, the collections are also designed and manufactured in Britain which I love. Having struggled to find sport wear to fit their own curves they want every plus size woman to feel as confident as she possibly can when she exercises-what a great ethos.
State of mind contacted me recently as they have collaborated with the Yoga studio  Fierce Grace Hot Yoga and the lovely bloggers Hollie and Katie and wanted to know if I would like to join them along with some other plus size bloggers and models for an afternoon comprising of a photo shoot and a hot yoga class.
I said yes immediately because any brand that wants to promote plus size exercise in a fun non judgemental way is really speaking my language. I have taken some yoga classes before and always loved them but I was slightly nervous about doing "Hot yoga" where the room temperature is kept very high and you sweat lots. Its always seemed like a different level of exercise to me and maybe not one I would particularly enjoy but I'm all for trying new things,am quite fit and  knowing that I would be joined by other plus size women of various levels of fitness and bendiness made me feel comfortable.
Hanging with the other lovely ladies

When I arrived at the Fierce Grace Yoga Studio on East Road in London I was immediately made so welcome by everyone involved. State of mind had provided us all with lots of beautiful active wear to try for our photo shoot and Hollie and Katie looked after us really well.
Getting my face done for the photo shoot
One of the shots from the photo shoot-not sure what I'm doing with my hand

After a quick photo shoot we were taken for our hot yoga class. The room as you would expect was almost tropical with the heat and I did wonder if I would be able to do an hour lesson in such a warm sweaty room. I needn't have worried, as well as providing us with lots of water and sweat towels the instructor took the class at a really good pace. 
Getting started

The routines were made up of classic yoga asanas I recognised from my other yoga class so lots of Downward facing dogs,Warrior I, Triangles poses and Cat-Cow stretches so whilst working out in the heat might have been outside my comfort zone the yoga poses felt like home.

Such a positive energy
Downward Dog

About mid way through I did feel very hot and wondered if I needed a break but the instructor chose this moment to turn down the humidity and I surprised myself by not only completing the whole hour but also really enjoying it. Unsurprisingly the State of mind yoga wear performed brilliantly despite me sweating profusely. It really is such good stuff.

After the class-hot, sweaty and very happy

For the session I wore the Regular kick joggers,the A-Line Top which with its ballerina style wrap over and long length is  areal fave of mine.I felt secure that my bottoms weren't going to ride down or my top pull up as I went through the different asanas and the breathable fabrics helped me stay cool during a very sweaty class.
My State of mind active wear was perfect for the class

Not only was Fierce Yoga a lovely studio but spending time with the other plus size ladies there was such a treat. Thankyou State of mind active for a really enjoying empowering day which I hope to repeat soon.

I have been nominated for two categories in this years Plus size awards. Best blog and best plus size blog. If you enjoy this blog please vote here It would mean the world to me.



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