Saturday, 25 July 2015

Magic is something you make-A Bon Prix review

I haven't been feeling very magical recently, in fact I have been pretty low. I was talking to a friend and we both agreed that whilst the constant demand for us all to always be "positive" can be counter productive, sometimes making yourself perform positive actions can actually work to affect your mood slightly. So I have taken this on board with today's outfit.

Magic is something you make

Bon Prix sent me this tee-shirt a while ago and it just seemed to jump out at me this morning.The slogan is "magic is something you make happen" and in my current mood I'm not sure how much I believe that but you know what? I want to, so here goes nothing.I am putting a positive slogan across my boobs-over to you universe.

I feel like I should be in the Wham "Wake me up before you gogo" video in this top-which is quite splendid.

 My Pu jacket is from Asos Curve and my skirt is from Hennes but is no longer in stock (Simply be do this beautiful black organza one though which has a similar look)
My trainers are by Sketchers and are just the most comfortable thing I have ever worn so they are featuring a lot at the moment. 

This is the size 20 tee and its a baggier fit than I'm showing. I have knotted at the back because I like my tee's tight

 I always feel slightly Carrie Bradshaw when I wear a full skirt and leather jacket. Its a nice contrast between sweet and tough and the full skirt turns a fairly workaday outfit into something really pretty.

Punk Princess

Here is to a slightly more magical future.

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