Monday, 20 July 2015

How to make a picture frame spice rack

When life gets stressful I find crafts incredibly soothing so I thought i would share a recent project I did for my kitchen.
Increasingly we want our kitchens to be not only functional but pleasing to the eye as well. To this end clever and creative storage ideas are becoming more and more popular.

An ornate picture frame to hold my herbs and spices-why not?

This picture frame spice rack is incredibly simply to make and will ensure your herbs and spices are very much the star of your culinary show. Your jars of spices will appear to be floating within a picture frame but are actually quite securely attached with magnets.

You will need

An old picture frame-remove the glass  and dispose at your local recycling plant but keep the back
Ultra strong small magnets-Available online on packs of 12-here we have used two magnets per jar (obviously the bigger and stronger the magnets, the more secure the jars will attach to the board)
Small glass storage jars with metal lids-these need to be all the same size. Craft stores and ebay all stock these
Blackboard paint and a brush
Glue gun
Pencil and tape measure

Step One

Take the back of your picture frame and with the tape measure mark out a grid of where you would like the jars to go. You need to remember that you will have to write the names of the spices above the jars, so you are not creating a symmetrical grid. It’s probably a good idea to place the jars on the board first, see where you’d like them, make sure you can write above them, and then mark the grid out, for a more accurate result.

Step Two

Hot glue your magnets to the board.  Don’t forget that these will sit in the centre of the lids-We used two small magnets per spice jar to ensure they is a really strong magnetic grip.

Step Three

Paint your board with black board paint once this is dry you can attach your jars by the metal lids. 

Write in chalk above them what herbs and spices they each contain.

Step Four

Hang your picture frame spice rack on the wall or lean it against the back of your kitchen counter. 
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