Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to Entertain Kids on a budget

As lots of you are probably already aware (either because you already have kids of your own or because the roads on the way to work have been so quiet) its the school summer holidays.
Now I'm no mummy blogger. I don't say that in a snotty way I completely identify with wanting to talk about your child endlessly and I can see how sharing that on a blog can be enjoyable, its just that whilst I fully expect my close friends and family to pretend they find my regular updates about my child fascinating I don't expect anyone else to. 
me with Mini Me
Ive never really felt I fit the mould of typical mum. I love my daughter with a passion bordering on pathological but even early on when she was a small baby I found the fact that lots of other mums only wanted to talk about their children to the exclusion of all other topics quite tedious.My own mum has never been like that either so obviously the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She had me and my siblings but still did a degree in fashion, worked as a fashion designer and owned her own boutique (one of the highlights of my goth teenage years was when the bassist from The Cult wore one of her paisley shirts on Top of the pops) She was also a punk in the seventies going to see everyone from Blondie to The Sex Pistols in Vivienne Westwood bondage trousers,yet she was also home before us every day, baked amazing birthday cakes and was generally "mumsy" albeit in a fairy glam way.
My very stylish Mum sometime in the late 70's
Anyway I digress. What I'm trying to say is I don't often write about the fruit of my loins as I don't imagine anyone gives a crap. However today I thought I would share with you some of the ways I entertain a very bored child on a very low budget. 
I have no doubt that she will grow up needing therapy and hating me for not taking her to Legoland (I will feel I have failed somehow if she doesn't churn out a Mommy Dearest style memoir) but right now she feels she is having the best holiday in the world. Here are the highlights of "Betty Pamper Style entertainment'
Watching the boats-yes that passes as entertainment. Who needs a PlayStation

Puddle Jumping-Who needs Alton Towers when its wet outside. Putting on wellies and allowing my daughter to jump in big wet muddy puddles killed hours. The joy of having permission to be yobby and get wet should not be underestimated.
Puddle Jumping Joy
Capturing Fairies-The fairies were just prints outs of the Cottingly garden fairies stuck on coffee stirrers and planted in the flower beds which we had to find and trap in old jam jars.She is now obsessed with seeing "real" fairies, god forbid if one ever does stumble upon Pamper Towers. She will have it netted and in captivity in a heartbeat.
Going to feed the ducks and buy a ice cream. You know despite what the adverts tell you a bag of oats, starving hungry ducks and the promise of an ice cream actually are as exciting to a child as a trip to a "Build A Bear" workshop.About £25 cheaper as well.

Ahoy me hearties
Freebie Museums Can Be Fun. I took my little one to the Liverpool maritime museum convinced she would be bored witless. Whilst she had no interest in much of it she found the old films of people sailing away hilarious and loved the huge anchors and models of boats especially one which was bright pink. I realise she will hate anything at a museum or even slightly educational in a year or so but whilst I can get away with it I'm riding that free admission like a cowgirl at a rodeo.
So those are my tips for entertaining little ones for virtually no money. Thrifty and fun-hell yeah!

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  1. Aw! Isn't she the sweetest thing! We live close to London so did a day trip to the British Museum which has fantastic activities for kids. A picnic lunch and hours of exploring only cost us a train fare.

    Madison xxx

  2. Your daughter is soo cute! And your mom is gorgeous too. I agree, I adore my kids- more than anything and do blog them on occasion just because they are always with me, but I do find non-stop kids talk exhausting. It's nice for a lady to have something that she loves in addition to her kids! My babes are 2 1/2 and 10 months so we do a lot of cheap "vintage" fun around here. Coloring, movie night at home, my oldest helps with small things in the kitchen, bath time play, and of course, digging in the dirt outside!! I found a late 40's childrens school activity book months ago. I can't wait to scan it so Olivia can try some of the activities!

  3. Thank goodness another lady who loves her child but also fashion and vintage , sometimes feel like the only tattoo loving Mum

  4. Cheeky but do you go a lot of places in the car. I had two kids then two more seven and eight years later. They all spent a lot of time being ferried around in the car. In the holidays we took one bus ride into town, cake/ice cream etc then one bus ride back. I have even gone, when my eldest was small, one train stop and back. It's quite cheap, takes a lot of time and they love it.

  5. The fairies idea is adorable!! Can't wait to do that with my two, think they are a bit young to get it yet

  6. It's worth checking out your local city or town council website as well. Cambridge has some great FREE stuff happening but I haven't seen any posters about it up in the city. (I gave leaflets to all my pupils to take home about things happening in the summer holidays. No doubt these will be found at the bottom of their bags by parents when getting ready for 'back to school' at the start of September).

  7. Cute, looks like you guys are having a fun summer.

  8. The best entertainment for the kids is to make them travel atleast once in a week. We are going for a san francisco road trip this weekend and I hope the journey turns out well.


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