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Clothing brand Boohoo are launching a lovely initiative on their website entitled #WeAreBeautiful so have asked me to contribute a body confidence story about what makes me feel beautiful and confident,What insecurities I have overcome and why I am ready to take on summer?

plus size blogger
Ready to take on summer

 My own body confidence eureka moment came after I had my daughter. My body had possibly never looked so squishy or untoned and yet I was just amazed it had produced such a divine creature. Having spent years being incredibly self critical I realised that I really didn't want to pass this trait on to her and so stopped saying negative things both to myself and others about body image.

Plus size beachwear
Ready for summer

That's not to say I don't still have parts of my body I'm less keen on than others, that's just human nature but I have learnt a few tricks to help overcome these especially when I head to the beach.
 I always have a mani/pedi so I feel polished. My swimsuits are always a one piece because for me I just feel I look nicest in them and I always take beautiful camis or kimono jackets that I can slip on when I walk to the pool. 
Its not about cover up its about feeling glamorous and pretty because for so many years I thought my body in a swimsuit was a horrible thing and that's so awful. 
I know my poor self esteem triggers are always when I feel scruffy or unkempt so yes you will see me on the beach in a dramatic floppy hat, lipstick on wearing lashings of waterproof mascara. Glamour is my armour and the more I add the less chinks you find in it. 

plus size blogger
Plus size glamour beach style

After a really hectic year so far I am so ready for summer. Lying in the garden, walking on the beach and of course swimming in the pool and pretty swimwear and cute accessories make me excited about this rather than the dread I used to feel. its all about finding your own comfort zone, moving in and decorating. 

I am wearing
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How do you feel body confident?




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  1. I love what you say about feeling pretty and glamourous. I didn't feel pretty today because I made zero effort to make myself look and feel pretty. It doesn't take much - some glittery makeup and accessories - but without my sparkly armour I fail to sparkle. I love your pink cami: very Jayne Mansfield.

    1. Im the same, if I don't make the effort I feel just a bit flat, a bit of lippy and a pretty top and Im suddenly myself again x

  2. I had not showered in 4 days and felt gross but need to dye my hair and hubby was busy last minute so finally last night I put him to work on my hair and I was able to shower. Just being clean and having a fresh dye job made me feel 110% better and I totally get your armour! Forget fat girl gangs! I want a fat girl army! Lets start a self esteem revolution for the soul! ❤️

    1. I love your idea-yes lets start a fat girl army. That sounds amazing xxx

  3. I'm trying to be nice to myself, about my body and in general, it's hard to get used to when you're so used to putting yourself down but I'm doing my best.
    I'm planning to start swimming soon but haven't worn a swimsuit in nervous about seeing myself in one!

    1. I think the first steps are hardest. I found when I first started swimming that a swimming costume with a little skirt really helped as I didnt feel so exposed-then once I realised no one was that interested I started wearing normal suits-you will get there and look awesome while you are doing it xx

  4. I love this - the notion that you make your own glamour to feel your best is brilliant. I try and make an effort to feel good every day - even on the no make up days at the weekend I'll do my nails or dye my hair. I'm a real glamour puss!

    1. Ha ha me too Lottie-I even wear lipstick to take the bins out xx


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