Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Jess and the bandits #stylehasnosize

You may remember last month I attended an event by Evans to launch their #stylehasnosize range of bags and tee-shirts, the proceeds of which go to childrens charity The Rainbow trust. See that post here
This week  Jessica Clemmons, who fronts the band Jess and the Bandits has  been unveiled as the ambassador for #StyleHasNoSize, with the bands upcoming single Nitty Gritty central to the campaign. 

Jess in her #stylehasnosize tee

Evans are currently running a competition to win the chance to appear in the official video for the track, with entries being built around body positive mantras. 
I caught up with Jess and asked her the things I wanted to know.I was going to ask her all the usual questions but really do we all want to read a glorified press release? not really. Instead I got to the heart of the matter. Move over Paxman.

Prepare for a Betty style interrogation-questions about spirit animals and pizza toppings standard.

Betty: If you had one superpower, what would it be?
Jessica: To heal people and take away terminal illnesses.

Betty: Heels or flats?
Jessica: Oh that's tough. Um I would like to say heels but I am a bit clumsy and have been known to fall a lot. How about we say wedges. The best of both worlds.

Betty: What do you love on your pizza?
Jessica: I am so boring with my pizza. I am a pepperoni kind of girl and that's about it. Maybe a few peppers to make it spicy. Now I'm wanting pizza!

Betty: Diamonds or Pearls?
Jessica: Can't a girl have both? You can't have too many of either if you ask me. Plus it really depends on the outfit. I love how pearls can instantly make anything look classy.

Betty: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
Jessica: I'm a huge fan of Sam Smith. I think his voice is incredible. We both have big, soulful voices so a duet with him could be a lot of fun.

Ready to couple up?
Betty: What’s your spirit animal?
Jessica: I took one of those Facebook quizzes a while back and it told me my spirit animal was a bear. Not sure that's true. I like to think maybe a tiger or something like that. An animal that is tough and strong but has elegance and beauty.
My name is Jess-I eat Bandits

Betty: A historical figure you’d love to have coffee with?
Jessica: I would love to have coffee with Thomas Jefferson, one of America's Founding Fathers. I think it would be incredible to know what it must have been like to start a nation from nothing and to see what he thinks of what has become of it.

Betty: What’s your favourite swear word?
Jessica: Ok this might be lame but I actually rarely swear. So much so that if something slips out when I'm, oh I don't know, falling in heels per say, people that know me are shocked.

BettyWhat’s your favourite smell?
Jessica: My mother's cooking! That woman can do some serious cooking.

Betty: When was the last time you cried?
Jessica: Last night. We lost my aunt to cancer and had a celebration of her life. It was emotional but wonderful!

Betty: When were you happiest?
Jessica: There are lots of times when I've been my happiest. Probably when I'm on stage or when I'm hope with my entire family.
Happiest on stage

Betty: Finish this sentence Next year I plan….
Jessica: On world domination! If that doesn't happen, I plan to be touring all over Europe and the U.S. with Jess and the Bandits, working on our next album and who knows, maybe even a fashion line with Evans!

To hear the track Jess and the Bandits are filming the Evans video with click here

To enter the #stylehasnosize video competition click here




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