Friday, 15 May 2015

Why Its Ok To Be A Square Peg In A Round Hole

Conformity-it has its benefits.We live in a relatively peaceful country because the majority of the population conform to the law.
In fact many of the liberties we enjoy exist because we conform to the notions they represent.

Not being the same as everybody else-that sounds rather splendid

However the need to be the same, to be similar to everybody else can also be crushing to individuality.
From Michelangelo to Marie Curie life's true pioneers have often walked to the beat of their own drum. The buildings we love, the art that makes our heart beat too fast, the music we fall in love to, these were almost always created by people with an unconventional life view. Some of the best things in life have come from people seeing things differently, refusing to allow other peoples opinion colour their view regardless of ridicule or social stigma.

Marie Curie-she never worried about negative blog comments or twitter swipes

And yet I still feel there is a quiet pressure to be the same. Look the same, weigh the same, enjoy the same things. We seem to celebrate mediocrity above all else. We lavish the term "girl next door" on certain celebrities as a compliment because being ordinary is what we are encouraged to strive for. Beautiful but not threateningly so, clever but not a genius tinged with madness, talented but in a self deprecating grateful way.

Don't tell me, or my Monkey what to do

It probably won't surprise you to learn that I've never felt like I fitted in. I've always instinctively bucked against doing things the conventional way, have always questioned ideas and ideologies which others seem to follow quite comfortably.
When I was younger I hated this part of my nature, I longed to be like everybody else, to inhabit the world you would see on shows like "Friends" and "Cold Feet" To be shiny and successful and have huge groups of equally shiny successful mates. Yes they may be "kooky" but in a manageable sociably acceptable way.
My milkshake brings no balanced friends to the yard
I'm not shiny though, I'm awkward, too clever for my own good (whatever that means) I hate to be managed, my heckles rise when others try to keep me in "my place" as if they know where that would be. Its taken a long time but I've realised over the last few years that far from being a flaw, maybe being a square peg in a round hole is what makes me, well me.
I'm not shiny, my lipgloss is though
Perhaps its OK that we are not all the same, in fact maybe its quite fabulous and we should all run to the highest mountain with knickers on our head screaming like banshees in sheer celebration that we are all wonderfully, maddenly different. And to those who cling to the status quo, who love to melt into a crowd and are shiny and acceptable and who love to colour inside the lines we bear you no ill will but to paraphrase Groucho Marx-who wants to be part of  a club you are allowed to join. Not me.
Vive Le difference

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  1. Our individuality is precious. When all people are alike and conform you get the sheep mentality. Personally, I'd rather be a tiger :)

  2. Well said!

    I'll see you at the top of that mountain. I've got my knickers on my head already, it'll fend some of the rain off on my way! ;) I don't know exactly what it is that makes my heckles rise when people expect me to be something I'm not. It might be feminism, a short fuse, an excellent bullshit-o-meter, whatever, but the only person who can dictate to me is me (and my mum, but shhh, don't tell anyone else.) xx

  3. I sit firmly between two VERY different families, my Mum's and my Dad's. My Mum and her family are shy (to the point of requiring medical intervention, for some of them), quiet, very 'ordinary'and proud of it, people. My Dad's family are artists and musicians and as my Mum has said on occasion, a proper collection of odd-balls. My Dad himself was a fairly tame member of his family (comparatively speaking), so I expect that's why my parents got along. I myself left nursing in my 20's and went to art school and subsequently married a musician (now turned media designer). Funnily enough its the pressure from the quiet side of the family which is overwhelming and I have heard my Mum try and explain us (my husband and myself), in an embarrassed way several times,(even to the officiate who married us, because my husband wore a Sgt Pepper style suit and half of my dress was scarlet). So yes, see you up that mountain, maybe knickerless though, because I wouldn't want to conform to everything ;)

  4. Madam, I say it again, you are a bloody genius, I wish I could write things as well as you do, and constantly find things to write about, I can never think of the topics that I would like to write about - but it's O.K. You do it for me!!

  5. Love, love that you captured this and shared!

    Carry on, luv......being different is the greatest! ;)
    (Keeps the mundanes on their toes......) ;)

    Have a creative weekend!

    Collage Pirate

  6. Excellent and good sense. I rather suspect I am a round peg in a smaller cylindrical hole, too blooming uncomfortable!!

  7. Love this!! I'm as mad as a hatter and i love it and will keep on being bonkers forever!!!

  8. Very interesting post. I still feel like you did when you were younger; longing to be ordinary. Hopefully soon I'll embrace my difference and proudly stand, knickers on head, like you have!
    Fabulous post!


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