Friday, 1 May 2015

Betty Pamper's Plus Size Wookie Outfit

Some of my plus size outfits take lots of planning and thought and some like today's just come together beautifully in the most simple way.

I have been a bit poorly with a cold over the last week and today was my first day back at work so I wanted to feel comfortable but obviously still fabulous and I think this outfit is exactly that.
I was sent this Faux fur gilet by Simply be as part of a gorgeous outfit I have planned with them and will be photographing next week but rather like a child who insists on wearing her new shoes out of the shop I just wanted to wear this the moment it arrived. Its  a plus size fur gillet in pale blue for goodness sake, its freaking awesome!!
Sometimes just one key piece creates a whole new look

I've worn it with one of my favorite recent wardrobe staples my marl grey loose fit knotted teeshirt also by Simply be. This is such a good shape on me as it doesn't cling to my tummy but doesn't look like a great big cover up either. The weight of the fabric makes it hang beautifully.


I'm wearing a last season ballerina skirt by hennes plus size range which has never been restocked (I so wish they would, its adorable) but Simply be do a similar pleated one which I have my eye on here
My Sunglasses are by Guess and feel very 70's power bitch and my briefcase is by The Cambridge satchel company
I love how this outfit goes against the grain of all plus size fashion "advice" its clingy, baggy, bulky but also great.Having the confidence to try things you would have so often dismissed is just one of the many reasons I am so grateful I have found my fat fashion mojo.

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