Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lady Voluptuous Sweet Red Lips On Cream Pheobe Dress

As a long time lover of the plus size swing dress it has always surprised me that a lot of brands still choose to only stock up to a measly size 22. 
The retro  look is so popular with a lot of fat babes and like chubby little orphans we have pressed our noses against the windows of these dress shops wishing they came in our size. 

Betty Pamper in Lady Voluptuous

Even when they are available in bigger sizes you will often find that the really standout prints aren't offered. As if our plump forms can't handle anything too unusual.
Which is why Lady Voluptuous the brain child of sassy plus size blogger Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and clothing brand Lady Vintage  is such a treat.
 Its a smorgasbord of beautiful dresses in all kind of fabulous prints and designs and the best news-they go up to a size 32. Gotta love those apples.
Georgina very sweetly sent me one of her frocks so today I'm feeling quite fabulous in the Sweet Red Lips Pheobe dress. 

Kiss my lips

This dress makes me feel like a cartoon, I love it so much. The lip print is so iconic, its as if Lulu Guinness and Andy Warhol had  a night of fashion passion and birthed a frock baby.
 Its beautifully made, the fabric is a nice medium weight cotton with just a smidge of stretch and the best thing, its not a bloody halter neck. I am so over feeling my neck will snap under the weight of my boobs and the fit on this is great. No arm pinching, nice strong zip up the back, its just lovely.

Betty in wonderland

Sizing wise I was advised to size up so this is the size 22 and its perfect. Fitted enough to emphasize my shape but with enough room that I can indulge in a greedy lunch and still breathe (which in fact I did just after these photos were taken, all in the interests of research of course) I'm wearing my red wedges and my Asos Red lips clutch bag and that's it, It needs nothing more, its art in fabric form.
Blogger designed, blogger loved

To celebrate how cute this frock is I have come to one of my favourite graffiti walls (yes I have favourite graffiti walls and favourite doorways and special arches, its a blogger thing, or maybe its a me thing)I have been saving this Alice in Wonderland extravaganza for a rather special outfit and this seemed to fit the bill. 

Graffiti, fashion, Its all art

A beautiful dress from a great range and not the last to make its way into my wardrobe I'm sure (I'm already eyeing up the flamingo print one) if you are looking for something a little bit special I strongly recommend you pay Georgina and the Lady V team a visit-tell them Betty sent you.

Off with her head

Pretty Red Lips To Go With This Frock

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  1. Arghhhh! I got this, it arrived today and I did not size up and it is too tight on my boobs! I am currently crying into my dinner cos you look amazing! You said it all about the frock though, it is gorgeous, as are you x

  2. I swear I keep dreaming about this dress. It is genuinely calling my name! And seeing you in it now makes me want it even more.... xx

  3. Aha, great minds think alike - I posted a review of the Lady Voluptuous Bellatrix Dress this evening! You look absolutely lovely and you really bring the dress to life x

  4. You look amazing! That print is perfection.

  5. I love that you shot this on an Alice in Wonderland background and that dress is fantastic, lovely! :D

  6. You look awesome! So glad you included the size advice- I'm between sizes and been put off ordering for that reason

  7. Look at your figure!!!! You are one seriously beautiful lady and this dress looks fantastic on you!

    C xx

  8. oh my, look at the gorgeousness! Hopping over to the website now to check it out!

  9. Love the dress. You look amazing, but I'm sure you know that already! We have a similar wall out here, although I think your's is a little more unique, whereas our (in Tacoma, Wa, USA) is more based upon the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp. Feel free to check it:

  10. Replies
    1. Aww thanks Diane that's so nice to hear x

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