Monday, 11 May 2015

How to cure chub rub with Vevina

Well that title should generate some good blog traffic. Every little helps.
More importantly its spring, time to ditch leggings and let the breeze run free. This can sadly mean the dreaded chub rub for those of us plus size women whose inner thighs love each other so much they regularly spoon. 

It puts the lotion in the basket

For some plus size ladies this is just a slight soreness where their legs touch, for others it can be blisters and real pain, not fun and there are a few solutions.
A while ago I reviewed a fab pair of comfort shorts by the big tights company which I love (see review here) but if you find even these are too hot you could use some anti friction cream.

I was sent some of this called Vevina (which sounds vaguely gynecological but that's by the by)  last year  and I will admit I wasn't massively enthusiastic about reviewing it and its sat on my desk guilting me. Its not the sexiest of products and I was quite happy with my shorts.

Fast forward to a week where I had to go on some fairly long walks and the weather was boiling. I didn't fancy wearing shorts so decided to put the Vevina to the test.

The packaging is pretty and if you are slightly self conscious about carrying it around in your bag (don't be) it just looks like a tube of moisturiser so will merge into your toiletries quite easily.
It looks like hand cream 
The consistency is a bit like hand cream and it smells of not very much at all-if pressed I would say baby powder.
Its easy to apply and surprisingly non greasy. More importantly it really works. 

No I'm not going to show you a picture of me rubbing the cream into my legs-will this do instead
I walked my fat little legs off over a period of three days. I applied this every morning and that was all I needed. No reapplication necessary-bish bash bosh job done. I'm really impressed and would definitely recommend it if the hot weather is leaving you inflamed (and not in a good sexy way)
A tube costs £9 and would last the whole summer I reckon so good value too.
I have some tubes to giveaway to the first five people who comment on this blog post (within the UK only I'm afraid) 
You can purchase Vevina here

Other Chub Rub Options
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