Monday, 6 April 2015

Vegan Lipsticks By VE Cosmetics

As regular readers will know I am always really keen to try beauty and make up products that are cruelty free and even better if they are Vegan friendly.
So I was delighted when a lady called Violet from the company VE Cosmetics got in touch and asked if I would like to try out some of the lipsticks she is developing which will retail at £14 when they launch in June.
VE cosmetics was born out of Violets love of make up and trying to find makeup that she was happy to put on her own skin. 

VE Cosmetics
Beauty without hurting the beasties-sounds good to me

Violets products contain no Parabens, Petroleums ( usually listed as mineral oils!), no Sodium Laureate Sulphates or Phthalates. All the ingredients are natural ethically sourced products, and are vegan friendly.
I love this ethos but as always the products need to deliver and I'm delighted to say they really do.Here are the four lipstick shades I tried.

Pucker Up Pixie
This is a pale shell pink. I found I needed to build it up a little to get the level of pinkness I like but once on it had quite good staying power and left my lips feeling very soft and conditioned. 

Pucker up pixie vegan lipstick
pinky dinky do
Vegan lipstick
Nice packaging too

Pink vegan lipstick
Pucker up pixies

Ethika is a red russet colour so a nice variation on a traditional red. All the lipsticks had a slightly perfumed scent which was pleasant and all were very gentle on the lips. This shade is almost glossy so I would recommend using a lip pencil to stop any feathering.

VE cosmetics
Ethika- a nice russet red
VE cosmetics
Super glossy

vegan red lipstick
vegan Red lipstick-bravo

 This was hands down my favorite shade. Earth is an orange toned red which made my teeth look whiter and my lips fuller. I have worn this shade again and again as it seems to go with pretty much everything.

Earth vegan lipstick
Earth-My fave shade
VE cosmetics vegan make up
Orange based lipstick loveliness

vegan lipsticks uk
Such a nice shade

Violet Eyes
If you are a fan of dark lipsticks and are looking for a new vegan alternative then this is the shade for you. Violet eyes actually smells slightly like parma violets and is an incredible iridescent shade. You would think a violet shade lipstick would be too Gothic to be wearable in the day but I have tried it  a few times and it looks great. Its super glossy too so its left my lips very soft indeed.

vegan purple lipstick uk
what  a fabulously decadent shade
VE cosmetics
She got Violet eyes
Perfect for vegan beauty fans
Overall I am very impressed. This company launches in June so if this is a taste of what is to come its very exciting indeed.
If you would like to be added to the company's mailing list contact Violet here

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