Monday, 13 April 2015

Betty Pamper's Plus Size Monochrome Wish List

I know its spring and I should be all about the brights but this week I'm feeling all stripped back and tres chic. I'm hankering for some monochrome minxiness. Come and join me, we can listen to Goldfrapp and wear lots of eyeliner.

AX Paris Polka Dot Skater Dress Buy here
If Cruella De Ville gave up skinning puppies and decided to open up a tearoom this I believe is what she would wear. Which makes it irresistible  to me. just when you think the skater dress is dead, here you come again as Dolly once sang.

Here you come again
Just when I'm about to make it work without you

Asos Curve Sleeveless Tunic in Crepe with Split Sides Buy here
I confess that the word "tunic" ranks alongside seepage as an all time hated syllable but this sexy but oh so understated number allows me to forgive all that. This is like the clothing  equivalent of the mullet-but in a really good way. its business at the front and then party at the sides. My achy breaky wardrobe demands this tunic enters its universe as soon as pay day beckons.

My wardrobes loins are aflame for this tunic (words I never though to utter)

Midi Skirt in Sheer Stripe Buy Here
This skirt may be Marmite and divide all opinion but I just can't stop going and looking at it.I think it might be epic, its quirky and yet also so simple. I think I'm falling for its hem dithering qualities.

Half rice, half chips-is it a mini, is it a midi? Its the great confuser-this excites me.

Westwood Orb Watch Buy here

What time is it? Its time Dame Viv was on my chubby wrist and what better than a time piece that is the Robert Smith of watches. Black, Gothic and oh so cool.It's not Friday but I am in love.

Evans Patent Low Cut heels Buy here
My life is dictated to by which shoes I know I can control like the circus ring mistress I try to be and those which I am certain will chew my face off and leave my feet for dead. I think with a bit of gentle breaking in these wide fit shoes of loveliness could be my bitches.Sissy that walk.


Simply be Check Cigarette Pants Buy here
Yes I know there is more than a whiff of Rupert the Bear about these pants but oh my gawd I think they are just amazing. Imagine if you will, my chubby legs encased in these, a pair of ballet pumps on my feet and a crisp black shirt maybe topped with a jaunty scarf at my neck. Its Audrey Hepburn, its Roman Holiday its saying yes to plus size check trousers because by jingo I can.

Checked pants-they shouldn't work-they so do.

Black and Grey backwing Top Buy here
It would seem my ambition this month is to look like a marble top kitchen counter and hey guess what? I am styling this shiz out-big time.Its batwing coolness and yes I will be holding my hands out to the side like on the picture when I wear it.

Batwing finery that looks a bit like a kitchen counter.
Medusa fringed leather shoulder bag Buy Here
I have a theory that my life would be better if this handbag was on my arm. My bank manager disagrees, if looks could turn a person to stone .... He has no romance in his soul so for now my love for this arm candy is unrequited but one day my love, one day.
Oh golden faced object of desire-how my heart beats for thee

This brings us to end of our adventures in all things monochrome-please remember to take all your belongings as you leave the carriage and be sure to travel with me again.
 If you like plus size fashion and want to see how it will look on a short fat lady wearing lots of make up and often two stones worth of hair extensions then hop on over to my Plus size fashion page Its buzzing with beautiful threads all reviewed by little ole me.
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