Thursday, 23 April 2015

Plus Size Fashion Is My Passion

Today I'm feeling all kinds of fierce and full of plus size fashion vim. The reason? Well its partly because the plus size blogger breathen is on fire at the moment with TV shows, trending hashtags and all kinds of awesome stuff which just reinforces my love for the community. 

Betty pamper plus size blogger
Plus size fashion is my passion

Part of it is this really cool outfit-sure the sun might be cracking the flags and common wisdom would suggest a cotton frock should be the order of the day but when you need to sashay that fatty walk aint nothing going to stop you, including unseasonably hot weather.

Plus size fashion
Sissy that walk

This black hollywood shirt  is by the Gemma Collins range for Evans and its just killer. Huge batwing sleeves, off the shoulder neckline and diamante detailing. It does that clever thing of being loose without looking tent like. There is not a  whiff of tunic here-Just the scent of great plus size style. Breathe it in.

UK plus size blogger
Plus size mama

I'm wearing this rather magnificent top with some gorgeous PU trosuers  by Simply Be. You know me and my love of skin tight, cellulite exposing trousers-these are the mama of them all. I feel like the fat love child of Micheal Hutchence and Chrissie Hynde. yep they are that good.

Plus size blogger
Traffic stopping

A simple pair of heels and my maroon Vivienne Westwood bag are all I need to complete this outfit. It needs no extra adornment, its doing all the heavy style lifting perfectly fine on its own.

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