Monday, 16 March 2015

Betty Pamper's Trans-Europe Express Outfit

They call me Mellow Yellow.Except there is nothing mellow about this yellow duster coat 
The weather here in the North West is grey, drizzly and I am so over it which is why my jacket is as zingy as sherbet dip dab.I am using fashion as a mood changer-it is sort of working.
This lemony jacket of dreams is £15 from Georges Limencello range as is this rather wonderful patterned shirt dress £8 

I realise that when you have boobs as big as mine buttoned up frocks with collars on don't always work but there is something so utilitarian about this dress I simply don't care. Its like a Kraftwerk song in fabric form.I'm on the Trans-Europe Express to Plus size style and its a one way ticket.

Keeping it buttoned

I feel like such a power bitch in this outfit. I'm Melanie Griffiths when she dresses up as a boss in Working girl.I've a head for business and a plus size bod for sin.

Working (it) girl

My pink satchel briefcase clashes gloriously with the yellow coat and my black trainers are keeping it from looking too much like I have fallen off the 80's train.

Choo choo its the 80's train

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