Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

Last week I spent an absolutely magical day at Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in Leavesden. We are all massive Harry Potter fans at Pamper Towers so its fair to say we were super excited.
Hotel bathroom selfie-Standard

We drove down the night before and stayed at a nearby hotel so we would be fresh and full of energy for our Harry Potter experience (we take our Harry Potter adventures very seriously so had planned it for weeks) 
We are here with the giant chess pieces

Ready for the tour

So often these places are a total let down but I have to say this was just magical. I am going to photo spam you now and let the captions tell the story of the day but needless to say I would definitely recommend it. We are all still buzzing.
Baba with her tour passports-ready to collect stamps

Harry Potters bedroom under the stairs

The Great Hall at Hogworts

Posing with the Slytherin house costumes

The costumes of  Mad Eye Moody and Sybill Trelawey who is my favorite teacher 

The costumes of  Minerva McGonagall, Dumbledore and Severus Snape

Hagrids costume

Costumes from the Yule Ball in The goblet of fire
The Ice display from the Yule ball in the goblet of fire

Harrys bedroom
The Mirror of Erised showing my hearts desire

Yes that is the actual Philosophers stone

The door to the chamber of secrets

The Office of  Delores Umbridges office -which I just love

We so need these cat plates in our lives

Its the Dementors-run!

The Hogworts Express-Going through to platform 9 3/4
The Hogworts Express which opened on the day we visited-its fab

All Aboard

A quick break and a cup of Butterbeer

Catching the The Knight Bus

Ready to fly in the Weasleys Flying Ford Anglia
Road Rage

Best photo ever-Hagrids Motorbike

A very sad baba with a "sleeping" Dobby

Its Aragog

Dobby Love

This 3d Model of Hogworts was as big as my house-truly magnificent

Baba used her pocket money to buy Hermoines wand

Whilst I tried out Bellatrix Lestranges wand

What I wore
Hanging out in Diagon Alley

I was keen to be comfortable as well as staying true to my Potter nerd roots so wore a Slytherin teeshirt which I have had for ages but you can buy similar here, a Harry Potter scarf also in Slytherin colours and some plain leggings from Asos Curve I also took my trusty black PU jacket from George, Cute, functional and all about the magic of Potter!

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