Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sweet But Tough: Mint and Ivory Lace Dress from Yours Clothing Review

I'm continuing my mission to inject loads of spring happy colours into my wardrobe and this Mint and Ivory Lace dress £60 Buy Here from Yours Clothing is perfection.

I'm looking out for plus size style-I think I spy it!

Mint lace and black leather-what a great combination for spring

The colour alone is enough to bring a smile to even the most miserable face but the princessy styling including a wired hem so it literally flicks up as you walk makes it just perfect for March.
The fit of this frock is lovely, cinched at the waist and puffing out like something  a Wham backing singer  would wear. I guess it could be called a prom dress, and for that reason alone I have taken it down to the beach near my home.  

Walking down Madison-swear I never had a gun
A dress this sugary needs a good helping of toughness to balance it out and what better than a PU leather jacket. I am watching the Good Wife on Netflix at the moment and am slightly style obsessed with a character in it called Kalinda who wears 80's inspired leather jackets so when I saw this  faux leather biker jacket is £30 by George buy here it had to be mine. 

Cry baby Styling for the win
The love child of Madonna and John Walters
Its such a great looking piece and I know I will get so much wear out of it.I feel like Pepper Walker the Rikki Lake character in Cry baby and that is really all I want out of life.Its a size 20 and a perfect fit-I can wear it with a jumper underneath without tightness and because its PU rather than leather its quite soft and light.
Sneering at those who want to put fatty in the corner
My winkle picker boots are last season but you can buy similar here This style of boot is great if you fancy a heel but just cant do really high shoes. They also are quite 80's which really works with this outfit which is like the fat love child of Madonna and John Walters circa 1982.

Never compromise on your plus size style
This outfit is making me feel quite tremendous-the magic of a good outfit should never be underestimated.

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