Monday, 23 March 2015

Nadia Aboulhosn Launches Plus Size Range For Boohoo

Whilst I very rarely get excited by celebrity collaborations with fashion brands I always love to see bloggers take on fashion.Clothes designed by fashion bloggers often feels genuinely exciting and a little bit left of field and when so much of plus size fashion feels safe, that is a rather marvellous thing indeed.

Nadia Aboulhosm-Plus size glamazon
Nadia Aboulhosm is an American plus size model, blogger and all round fly girl who I had never heard of until Evans flew her over as part of their event at LFW last year. Her style is cool, urban and also very glam. She is like the sexy love child of J-Lo and Kimmy K but with a twitter feed full of rap lyrics and a take no crap attitude. To call her sassy would be an understatement so this new collection designed by her for Boohoo was always going to be on my radar.

The Nadia Tuxedo Dress
The colour palette of the collection is predominately monochrome with flashes of bright blue which gives it a rather pared down sophisticated look and gives its a great mix and match sensibility.
There are a few absolute gems and the white embossed sleeve dress would be amazing for summer (although I may forgo the white stilettos Nadia styles them with, I'm sure this looks amazing in LA but here in Liverpool they have slightly different style connotations)

Nadia Embossed Sleeve Dress

The collection features some really nice design details like the asymmetric  hemlines and big zips, used on the off the shoulder zip dress and one of my faves the Tuxedo dress (look out for my review of this coming soon)
Nadia Asymmetric Maxi Dress
 If playsuits are your thing you are in for a treat as there are a couple of absolute crackers. The Nadia Contrast jumpsuit with zip detail is basically only one step removed from a onesie but she makes it look very cool and perhaps the slightly more wearable Nadia Mesh Detail Jumpsuit

Nadia Contrast jumpsuit with zip detail

Nadia Mesh Detail Jumpsuit

Nadia Off The Shoulder Zip Front Dress
There are also some really fun playful pieces such as the Mesh sleeve zip bodysuit which might not be for everyone but its really nice to see them offered in a plus size. I have no idea where I would wear this but I really want it.

Nadia Mesh Sleeve Zip Bodysuit

Don't worry though there are lots of more wearable basics, white joggers, silver hoodies and slogan tees so don't let the more fashion forward pieces put you off if you are wondering of a glorified leotard will really pass muster on the bus.

I have a feeling this might be a bit of a Marmite collection but I for one am really pleased to see a bit more variety and its all very affordable.
For details of sizes and prices go to Boohoo

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